susan-levitt-smallAuthor SUSAN LEVITT is a professional tarot card reader, astrologer, and feng shui consultant in San Francisco, CA. She is the author of five books that are published in eight languages. Susan does tarot and astrology consultations in San Francisco, on line, and by telephone. Feng shui consultations are on site.

Susan has over 40 years’ experience with tarot, astrology, and Chinese medicine. She’s been featured on CNN, was voted “Best Astrologer” by SF Weekly in San Francisco, and was interviewed on the television program Chicagoing. Susan writes articles for many publications including her annual Chinese astrology column in the We’Moon lunar calendar.

To schedule your TAROT, ASTROLOGY, or FENG SHUI consultation please call Susan at 415.642.8019 in San Francisco or send an email to susan@susanlevitt.com.


Tarot Card Readings

Intro to TarotA powerful decision-making tool to gain insight, practical answers, new perspectives, get clear about your choices, and create the life you want. For your tarot card reading, please prepare three questions for the cards; there is not a silly question if it is a sincere concern. Your tarot card readings can be by phone 415.642.8019 or in San Francisco.

Susan had her first tarot card reading in 1972 and has read tarot every since. She posts her daily tarot card on Twitter at tarot_tweet and on her Facebook business page.


Astrology East/West Consultations


Your birth chart explains your life’s journey. It’s your blueprint, your own personal star map. Susan prepares both your full Western chart and your Chinese Four Pillars charts. Please provide your birth date, place, and birth time. Susan also provides astrology forecasts, relationship compatibility charts, and other astrological services.

Susan still has her first astrology book that she read at age 11 in 1966. She has studied astrology for decades and is now a noted scholar of both western astrology and Asian astrology. Her astrology updates are on  Twitter at astrologytweet and her Facebook business page.

Feng Shui Consultations Taoist-Feng-Shui-image

Of the many styles of feng shui, Susan does three styles for your consultation: Taoist Five Element school, Landform school, and Black Hat Ba-Gua school. Susan also determines your timing with lunar astrology. She has a strong art and design background with a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago to create interior design solutions, decorating ideas, and art evaluation.

Susan began her Asian studies degree at age 16 with a specialization in Chinese and Japanese literature with Takeko Stover at Roosevelt university in Chicago. When Susan took a Chinese calligraphy class at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago she transferred to that school and received a B.F.A. in 1980. She continues to study Chinese medicine in San Francisco.

For more information, please send an email to susan@susanlevitt.com.

Or call 415.642.8019. Please keep in mind time zone differences if you are not on Pacific Time.