Susan’s Astrology Chart

Susan's chartGrand Trines

I’ve received emails from people all over the worls who also have a grand trine in their astrology chart. A grand trine indicates a good life of ease and harmony. But just what is a grand trine?

A grand trine is the most harmonious balance of one of he four elements Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. These four elements compose our universe, and are the structure of Astrology and Tarot.

All three Fire signs are most harmonious: Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo. Fire people excel by doing things in a big, fiery, dynamic way. They do not like restraints or being told what to do.

All three Water signs are most harmonious: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. Water people excel by following their intuition, and doing what just feels right. I have a Water trine in my natal chart.

All three Air signs are most harmonious: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Air people excel by doing things in an problem-solving, innovative way that includes many points of view.

All three Earth signs are most harmonious: Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus. Earth people excel by doing things in an grounded, solid, practical, and realistic manner.

Element Water

water loveI’m the Water person who follows her intuition and does what feels right. It is not always easy for us humans to trust and following intuition. To do that can feel like an irresponsible aspect of The Fool tarot card. But following feelings is made easier for me because of the grand Water trine.

See the big triangle leaning to the left in the inner circle of the chart above? That’s a grand Water trine. Each base of the pyramid is one of the Water signs: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio.

Planets in a Grand Trine

Life is good in this incarnation due to that four-planet grand Water trine of the planets Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus. People often ask me if I’m “psychic” because I read tarot cards. Being a Pisces with a grand Water trine — of course I’m psychic!

And communication planet Mercury in Aquarius trines Neptune in Libra, making an Air trine so I can articulately communicate from the unseen Water world of inner knowing, wisdom, dreams, and the subconscious realm.

Do the same in your birth chart; look for where you have good luck and ease with trines and sextiles. These are the areas to cultivate, where your natural talents lie, and where you’ll find the most peaceful and rewarding path in life.

Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus in Water Signs

My love of Western astrology began with an interest in mythology. Jupiter, Venus, Mars are planets but also a sky god, goddess of love, and war god. Mercury is the deity of communication and commerce. Saturn, Uranus, and Pluto are also deities, each with a place in your own horoscope.

The Sun in a chart symbolizes the self, your ego and identity. My Sun is in the sign of Pisces, so I’m a Pisces.

JupiterJupiter is the largest planet and symbolizes opportunities, expansion, and good fortune. My Jupiter is in the Water sign Cancer. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, meaning that Jupiter’s expansive generosity is best expressed through the motherly and compassionate Water sign Cancer.

Sun trine Jupiter indicates luck in life, opportunities for travel, and a quest for knowledge. For knowledge, I enjoy studying mythology, astrology, and Chinese medicine. And I’ve had many fortunate travels, including doing tarot readings in Mexico.

Saturn is the planet that symbolizes hard work, duty, and discipline. Sun trine Saturn indicates maturity, the ability to accomplish tasks, and acceptance of responsibilities. I don’t mind hard work. And I’m interested in what I do so it does not feel like a struggle.

Uranus is the planet of change, rebellion, and freedom. Sun trine Uranus indicates inspirational ideas, creativity, and an avant-garde approach. I’m glad I live in San Francisco where every day I see all types of self expression, where people are accepting and open minded, and where Goddess spirituality and Buddhism are common.

Jupiter trine Saturn indicates common sense — which isn’t so common — and good abilities to plan or organize. This has really helped me stay grounded and pragmatic. And it helps me do feng shui,and helps me apply the organized structure of the universe to how we live day to day. Most people don’t know that I am a slow foods chef, aided by inspirational Jupiter trine practical show-me Saturn. I make up recipes based on what is in season, but the practical reward is the good meals.

Jupiter trine Uranus indicates expansion through and interest in many types of people from all walks of life. Love of travel and adventure is also shown in this Jupiter trine Uranus. And my book topics are Aquarian and different. Plus my books are published in hard copy and as e-books. In this way, I can apply the expansiveness of Jupiterian ideas with the Aquarian age technology of Uranus.

Saturn trine Uranus indicates blending teachings of the past (Saturn) with sensibilities and values of the future (Uranus). Ideas are progressive yet realistic. This has really saved me from being an overly- subjective Pisces, and I can receiving unconventional Uranian ideas that have a practical application through Saturn. Fellow Pisces Anais Nin wrote, “We don’t see things as they are. We see things as we are.” But my strong Saturn in Scorpio, part of the grand Water trine, can distinguish the difference.

Exalted Mercury

Our Boy MercuryPeople ask me how I wrote five books and how I know so many languages. The answer is in the placement of Mercury. Mercury in the tenth house is conjunct the Midheaven so communication is my career. Mercury exalted in Aquarius trines Neptune in Libra which indicates ease with writing. Mercury trine Neptune also helps with intuition.

Mercury is opposite Pluto so I’m fascinated by ancient cultures and the history of religion. Mercury squares Saturn hence a strong memory and love of languages. But I can be very serious at times because of that Saturn square. Squares are the teachers in your birth chart, showing you challenges to claim and overcome.

Piscean Nostalgia

I remember back in the ’70’s doing charts by hand at the Astrologer’s Guild on Halsted Street in Chicago — unlike today when we astrologers hit a button and, in seconds, have advanced astrological calculations. Astrology is forwarded by the software engineering and scientific breakthroughs that have helped to popularized astrology on a global scale in the 21st century. My Mercury is in Aquarius in the 10th house, my mid-heaven is Aquarius, and my Venus is in Aquarius in the 9th house conjunct the Midheaven so I embrace new technologies.

Age of Aquarius

This is truly the age of Aquarius, and Astrology is the Aquarian science. Astrology charts map where the planets were at your time of birth: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Also your Sun signMoon sign, nodes of the Moon, and much more fascinating information.

Astrology forecasts can predict future events by observing planets in transit. The art of astrology, blended with the science of astronomy, is having breakthroughs in today’s modern world of technology, when something new is discovered in the heavens!

Three Squares

Every birth chart offers both gifts and challenges. Not so easy are squares, which can indicate challenges in life. But it is through our squares that we learn and grow. Mars, the planet of power, passion, and strength squares Venus, the planet of love, beauty, art, and pleasure. Mars is in strong steady Earth sign Taurus which squares Venus in innovative Air sign Aquarius. Venus is stronger in this relationship square; I’d rather be an independent traveling Aquarius than financially secure and stable Taurus. Also, Mars is in its detriment in the sign of Taurus so I work steadily to accomplish goals.

Saturn in Scorpio squares Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. This opens the door to issues of time and death. I can empathize with clients when they experience face-of-death situations such as car accident, incest, miscarriage, cancer, or AIDS. My hard-knock life growing up in Chicago is indicated by Saturn square Pluto, but those experiences strengthened me and made me who I am today.

I specifically avoid the problems of Uranus square Neptune, illusion and artifice, by not drinking booze and not taking drugs — especially since Pisces is the sign most susceptible to addiction and escapism. On occasion, I can appreciate food parings with wine or beer, and fine with me if medical marijuana is legal for those who are ill, but I’m hardly a party girl. On a broader scale, Uranus square Neptune influences one to not be part of the status quo.

saturn_04-16-2012_cartesdicielSaturn Returns

On my first Saturn return, I moved to San Francisco! Here I found support for being an astrologer and tarot card reader. At my second Saturn return 28 years years later, I have a thriving clientele who I so appreciate and am interested in. And I am the author of books published in many languages about tarot, astrology, and Chinese medicine. I followed my bliss and interest in metaphysics to discover that my second Saturn return is very emotionally rewarding!

My second Saturn return began on January 8, 2014. Transiting Saturn conjuncted my natal Saturn, but also trined Sun, Jupiter, and Uranus! During my first Saturn return I moved to California

Plus my father died during my second Saturn return. But he was just a couple of weeks from his 92nd birthday so he lived a long life. Saturn often represents the father in astrology, and the Moon represents the mother.

I also spent my Saturn return year doing dental work. Saturn represents skin, teeth, and bones in medical astrology.

Everyone has their Saturn return at age 59, one year before their Taoist astrology return that occurs every 60 years.

Taoist 60 Year Cycle

I turned 60 in 2015 the year of the Wood Sheep. I was born in 1955 the last Wood Sheep year. Wood Sheep years occur every 60 years.

Sheep years occur every 12 years, and experience all 5 elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water.

Twelve years after Wood Sheep 1955 was 1967 Fire Sheep year, then 1979 Earth Sheep, 1991 Metal Sheep, 2003 Water Sheep, then 2015 again the year of the Wood Sheep.

Neptune Conjunction

The planet Neptune is in the Water sign Pisces for the next 14 years until spring 2025, a perfect pairing of the Ocean God in a Water sign: creativity, intuition, spiritual connections. This sets the tone for an entire generation, the new Piscean Neptunians!

As Neptune travels through the sign of Pisces, it will join my Pisces Sun in spring 2022. (2022 will be the Year of the Water Tiger, the black Tiger.) Neptune conjunct Sun can be an inspiring, creative, and spiritual time, or a fatiguing time without clarity about life direction.

Some Pisceans born closer to Aquarius ask me what to expect when Neptune conjuncts their Sun. But my Neptune will trine Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus. Having a grand trine is fortunate for transits. Even if one planet is experiencing stress, two or  three other planets will be in a trine. Neptune trine Jupiter makes for optimism, confidence, and fortunate travels. Neptune trine Saturn brings a balance of idealism and reality. When Neptune and Saturn are not well configured, there is can be veil of confusion and deception. Neptune trine Uranus brings wide interests and a very heightened intuition.

Taoist Astrology

I have a grand trine in my Taoist Four Pillars chart too! Life is good due to a three animal grand trine, a trine comprised of three of the four animals that are your life pillars.

The Four Pillars are the Chinese zodiac animals of your birth year, birth month, birth day, and birth hour. My birth year is Wood Sheep, my birth month is Earth Rabbit, and my birth day is Wood Pig. Sheep correlates to the Western water sign Cancer, Rabbit to Pisces, and Pig to Scorpio (but Scorpio without the sting). So I have a grand Water trine in both astrological systems.

Chinese Astrology Trines

I’m balanced if I stay true to the ways of the peaceful and gentle Sheep, the artistic Rabbit, and the kind generous Pig. I’m content reading Tarot cards in my peaceful home, casting horoscopes, being creative at feng shui consultations, quietly studying and writing, and living simply. I prefer working behind the scenes and being supportive of others, which is all in accord with the gentle ways of the Sheep.

I became a professional Tarot reader and Astrologer in 1986 a Fire Tiger year. I took the career risk in Tiger year because if it didn’t work out, I’d have good luck in the following Rabbit year to find another art job. Due to my grand trine, every Hare, Sheep, and Pig years are fortunate. So at the end of the Ox year 1985, I left my last “day job” with an architectural firm in Berkeley CA. My new (ad)venture would be a big go – or a big no go – in a Fire Tiger year with no middle ground. If a no go, then in the following Rabbit year I’d be able to create or find other work.

30 years later, I still enjoy what I do and wake up every day interested in life. A big hug and eternal thank you to the many souls whose tarot cards I’ve read, whose astrology charts I’ve cast, homes I’ve feng shui’ed, and to the readers of my books!

Animal Years

Some animal years are more fortunate than others depending on your Taoist Four Pillars animal signs and elements. Clearly I have luck in Rabbit, Sheep, and Pig years. But a general guideline is to cultivate the specific qualities of each animal during that animal’s year. Strive to match the chi of each year so you will have fewer problems and life can flow more easily.

So in a Rat year be smart, clever, and invest your money. In Ox year work hard, stay focused, and don’t complain. In Tiger year take risks and pounce on new opportunities. In Rabbit year be peaceful, diplomatic, and develop your artistic ability. Dragon year is a time for extremes, grand passions, and drastic successes — or failures. Snake year is time to be wise, plan, contemplate, and not show your intentions. In Horse year explore, travel, and be as free as you can. In Sheep year cultivate spirituality, kindness, and gentleness. In Monkey year pull off all kinds of wild and crazy schemes. In Phoenix (Rooster) year be organized, structured, reborn, and transformed. In Dog year be loyal, honest, and speak the truth. During a Pig year be kind, open, and honest. Pigs enjoy a good time so Pig year is the time to eat, drink, and be merry.

Lunar Months

Each month correlates to an animal sign. February is Tiger month, March is Rabbit month, April is Dragon month, May is Snake month, June is Horse month, July is Sheep month, August is Monkey month, September is Phoenix (Rooster) month, October is Dog month, November is Pig month, December is Rat month, and January is Ox month. But each month does not start on the 1st day of the Gregorian calendar month. Animal months start on the first new Moon during that month because the Taoist calendar is a lunar calendar.