First, thank you so much to all who contacted me because they read my books. I appreciate for your support of TAOIST ASTROLOGY!


I’ve been an astrologer for 50 years! I began studying astrology at age 11, and became a professional astrologer at age 31. I still find astrology a very fascinating subject, especially Asian astrology.

Taoist Astrology is a blend of both the western animals ram, bull, and crab with the eastern animals rat, ox, and tiger, and more.

Astrology encompasses everything we can imagine in the heavens, plus a great deal more. I love the marriage of astronomy’s factual science with the mythic poetry of astrology.

In ancient days of pharaohs and emperors, astronomers were astrologers. Copernicus did Queen Elizabeth’s chart. (We both have Saturn in the 6th house.) Astronomy and astrology have separated in modern times, but astronomy is the base of astrology.


People often ask me if I “believe” in astrology. Astrology is not a belief system. The planets move in their orbits, whether someone believes it or not. But I’m also a Pisces, and we are believers!
Susan's chart

Your astrological chart, also called your birth chart or natal chart, is a symbolic representation of the position of the planets, the sun, and the moon at the moment of your birth.

Each planet occupies a particular zodiac sign at a given moment, and it is the interpretation of planetary placement that provides astrologers with insight into someone’s personality, behavior, even fate.

Your astrological chart is based on planetary locations at an exact time, making your birth chart both an astrological and astronomical map.


I love doing birth charts because it is a glimpse into a lifetime! It’s a map of the gift of life, and where there is strength and potential. I can cast your personal astrology chart based on your birth date, place, and time.

Through interpretation of your astrology birth chart, you can discover your soul’s karmic path, relationship compatibility and marriage choice, best career path, finances, education, decisions about children, spiritual and creative development, travel opportunities, family interactions, your home, and future events.


chinese zodiac cut outsI also do your Chinese Four Pillars birth chart of your birth animal year, day, month, and hour. These four animal signs indicate your path in life (year), childhood influences, (month), the real you in intimate relationships (day), and how you are perceived by others and how you are in old age (hour). Most importantly, your Four Pillars Chart indicates relationship compatibility.

Fire, Earth, Metal, Water & Wood

The elements of your animals sign show the best feng shui for your environment, plus five element theory for health, and your most fortunate colors and directions.

If you have questions, or for more information about doing your personal birth chart, send an email to or call 415.642.8019. Please keep in mind time zone differences if you are not on the West coast. Click here for info.


“What’s your sign?” means what’s your Sun sign. Your Sun sign is part of the zodiac (“wheel of the animals” in Greek) that begins with Aries at Spring Equinox. You can determine your Sun sign if you know your birth day. Your birth chart is far more complex than just your Sun sign, but the Sun sign is a good place to start.

a-ariesARIES THE RAM  March 20 – April 19

A cardinal Fire sign ruled by the planet Mars. Aries are the leaders and pioneers of the zodiac. They love adventure and believe that they are destined to achieve success and make a huge impact on the world. They are passionate, direct, and ruled by their hearts.

Aries are extremely independent and require an environment that allows them to express their creativity and nurture their personal growth. But they must not allow their idealism or enthusiasm to turn into indolent daydreams. Aries the ram correlates to the magnificent Dragon of Taoist astrology.


a-taurusTAURUS THE BULL  April 20 – May 20

A fixed Earth sign ruled by the planet Venus. Taureans are creative and talented, sensitive, humorous, and caring. They love making friends and creating networks and contacts. They are very determined and often strive for things they desire, regardless of circumstances. Yet they have patience.

Their clothing reflects their artistry and fine tastes. Taurus can be frugal if necessary, but prefer the luxuries of the materially rich life if they can afford it. They must avoid being too stubborn or narrow-minded. Taurus the bull correlates to the wise and beautiful Snake of Taoist astrology.


a-geminiGEMINI THE TWINS  May 21 – June 20

A mutable Air sign ruled by the planet Mercury. Geminis possess a sunny disposition, are bright, open, and cheerful. They are full of charm, alert in action, and dislike hidden agendas. They find people and crowds exciting, they love parties, and are not loners. They participate in activities they enjoy, such as team sports, and their childlike innocence attracts many friends.

Because of their carefree nature, Gemini need ample room for self-expression. When put in a constrained environment and restricted by rules, they can become bitter and exhibit self-destructive behavior. Frank and direct, Gemini like to tell you what is on their mind and prefer to resolve problems in a quick and direct manner. Care must be taken to not let their quick opinions alienate others. Gemini the twins correlate to the popular fun-loving Horse of Taoist astrology.


a-cancerCANCER THE CRAB  June 21 – July 22

A cardinal Water sign ruled by the Moon. Cancers have a gentle, patient, and graceful nature. They are artistic, creative, and have exquisite tastes for beauty, especially in decorating their home. With a tendency to be introverted, Cancers resolve issues and problems by contemplating in seclusion. They need solitary peaceful moments to replenish their souls.

Cancers make decisions based on their accumulated experiences as well as their highly developed intuition. Cancer’s accomplish their goals in life by progressing in small steps, one at a time. They are giving and loving partners and must take care to not spoil their children. A negative trait could be over-indulgence or overspending on luxuries. Cancer the crab correlates to the kind, artistic Sheep (Ram, Goat) of Taoist astrology.


a-leoLEO THE LION  July 23 – August 22

A fixed Fire sign ruled by the Sun. Leos are quick-witted, alert, romantic, playful, and extremely talented. In addition to their mental activities, they are also full of physical stamina. They are uninhibited and rarely get embarrassed by anything. They are free to express themselves fearlessly in all areas of life.

Leos are generous, sensitive, and love to help others. They win trust easily and have strong leadership potential. But problems could develop from being too self-indulgent over their small accomplishments and forgetting the big picture. Leo the lion/ess correlates to the ingenious, brilliant Monkey of Taoist astrology.


a-virgoVIRGO THE VIRGIN  August 23 – September 22

A mutable Earth sign ruled the planet Mercury. Virgos possess a sense of duty and pride. They are equipped with keen judgment, sharp wit, are good planners, and are very perceptive. They can predict the outcome of circumstances and act accordingly. They are quick and flexible, and if thrown into any situation at a moments notice come out winners.

Virgos have little tolerance for those who waste time or are lazy. They are perfectionists who care what others think of them. They desire praise for doing a great job. Be aware that their criticizing tendencies do not drive away others, especially their partner. Virgo the virgin correlates to the impeccable Phoenix (Rooster) of Taoist astrology.


a-libraLIBRA THE SCALES  September 23 – October 22

A cardinal Air sign ruled by the planet Venus. Librans are honest, trustworthy, and make an excellent friend because they are always on your side. They have a strong sense of fair play and honor their commitments. They won’t hesitate to make self-sacrifices for people and ideas they believe in. They are sensitive and compassionate, easily moved to tears due to their strong emotions.

When Libras fall in love, they fall hard. They are dedicated to their partners and therefore are selective in the beginning stages of dating. Once they find the right person they are ready to devote themselves. Success is achieved by remaining balanced and not going to extremes. Libra the scale correlates to the loyal Dog of Taoist astrology.


a-scorpioSCORPIO THE SCORPION  October 23 – November 21

A fixed Water sign ruled by the planets Pluto and Mars. Scorpios hurry to the aid of people they love. They are concerned with the welfare of others and like to surprise people with little gifts to show their appreciation. They have a strong sense of responsibility and once their mind is set on something they won’t easily change their direction. They are devoted to their chosen paths and careers.

Scorpios don’t like to be alone and will actively seek their “other half”. Naturally psychic and intuitive, they are attracted to the shamanic and otherworldly. Care must be taken to not become too intense in their interactions with others. Scorpio the scorpion, serpent, eagle, or phoenix correlates to the sensual Pig (Boar) of Taoist astrology.


a-sagittariusSAGITTARIUS THE ARCHER  November 22 – December 21

A mutable Fire sign ruled by the planet Jupiter. Sagittarians are clever, sharp, athletic, and humorous. They are very observant and quick to take action. They are popular in social circles for they adapt easily to different environments and their quick wit and broad smiles win admiration wherever they go. They are very instinctual and trust their instincts over logic and reality.

Sagittarians are free souls who love adventure, travel, and the outdoors. Being in nature is most healing for them. Care must be taken to not become scattered or irresponsible. Sagittarius the archer correlates to the clever Rat of Taoist astrology.


a-capricornCAPRICORN THE GOAT  December 22-January 19

A cardinal Earth sign ruled by the planet Saturn. Capricorns are hard working, methodical, honest, independent, careful, and ethical. They are noted for their perseverance in attaining their goals and in their ability to get the job done. They are self reliant, and believe deeply in what they are doing as well as in the own ability to accomplish the task. Capricorns are not easily swayed by other people’s opinions. They achieve success step by step. They do not take short cuts and often disrespect those who do.

Capricorns can feel under-appreciated, especially when their journey is long and the rewards are uncertain. They rarely seek social connections in order to achieve success. Instead, they believe that as long as they apply themselves and perform, they will be recognized and rewarded. They must watch out to not become bitter or frustrated, for their temperament either enhances or hinders the success of their endeavors. Capricorn the sea goat correlates to the patient, diligent Ox of Taoist astrology.


a-aquariusAQUARIUS THE WATER BEARER  January 20 – February 17

A fixed Air sign ruled by the planet Uranus. Aquarians are vigilant, jovial, courageous, poetic, sensitive, determined, and charismatic. They aim high and pursue their goals with vigor and passion. They stand out in a crowd because they are free thinkers and do not conform to the actions of the masses. They are leaders, not followers. Aquarians do not always make the best team players because they are used to being alone.

Aquarians don’t mince words, and once they make a promise or declaration, you can count on them to be true. Regardless of how many obstacles may lie in their path, their courage will not diminish. They must take care that their loner attitude does not prevent them from seeking assistance when they are faced with an endeavor that requires the resources and talents of others. Aquarius the water bearer correlates to the daring, impulsive Tiger of Taoist astrology.


a-picesPISCES THE FISHES  February 18 – March 19

A mutable Water sign ruled by the planet Neptune. Pisceans are kind, psychic, sweet, romantic, friendly, and adaptable. They long for companionship and dislike being alone, so they make very effort to conform. Their empathy and diplomacy make them welcome in various social circles. They appreciate and strive to create a peaceful and harmonious work and social environment. They go out of their way to avoid arguments and conflicts due to their love peace and beauty.

Pisceans are extremely intuitive and can sense danger. Noncompetitive, they don’t pursue glory at the expense of their peers. They have no great desire to fight for social or political causes. Instead, they are content to enjoy the peace and quiet of the little magical circle they create. Care must be taken that their fear of conflict does not make them weak or indecisive. Pisces the fishes correlates to the gentle, diplomatic Rabbit (Hare, Cat) of Taoist astrology.