Astrology Consultations

Taoist Astrology by Susan LevittYour astrology consultation includes both Western and Chinese Astrology!

Call Susan at 415.642.8019 or email to schedule your astrology reading.

Please keep in mind time zone differences if you are not calling from the West coast.

Consultations in San Francisco CA or by telephone.

I’ve been an astrologer for 50 years and am still fascinated by astrology and astronomy! I began studying astrology at age 11, and became a professional astrologer at age 31.

I blend 50 years of astrological knowledge with intuitive guidance — and practical advice. My goal is to give you a combination of empowering insights through the myths and symbols of astrology.

Your birth chart reveals your innate strengths to cultivate and raise to a higher level. Forecasts predict to the day your upcoming events. Relationship compatibility charts show the inner dynamics of your partnership.

Start with your birth chart, then keep current with your yearly forecasts. Another idea is an astrology gift certificate for a baby shower gift for a newborn, a birthday gift, or holiday gift.


Your birth chart is the blueprint of your life journey. It is so insightful to learn BOTH your Western birth chart and your Taoist Four Pillars charts. The magic of western astrology — and I consider astrology a form of magic because it works and is amazing — plus the animals signs of the Taoist zodiac create an alchemical blend, a brand new yet very, very old way of interpreting your cycles of planetary movements. Most people are familiar with Western astrology and become very interested in Chinese astrology once they learn their Chinese Four Pillars charts!

Your Astrology Consultation

To prepare your personal birth charts, please email or call 415.642.8019 with your birth date, place, and exact birth time including AM or PM. We’ll schedule an hour at your convenience to do your astrology consultation.

If by phone, I’ll email you copies of your charts to follow along when we speak. When we are done, I’ll mail you clean copies of your astrology charts, plus a CD recording or a voice recording that I email to you.

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Western & Chinese Astrology Birth Charts: Your Western birth chart is the divine map and blueprint of your life. Learn your Sun, Moon and rising signs, planetary patterns, Chinese animal signs and elements, predestined choices, relationship luck, best career options, and how to create fulfillment. Recommended highly for your children to guide them wisely as they grow. Your complete Western birth chart and your Taoist Four Pillars chart readings include copies of all charts and a CD recording: $310.
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Know when and what to expect in the future. Planetary transits can predict the exact date and time of future events. Astrological forecasts informed Kings, Queens, Pharaohs, and Emperors so it can work for you too!

What to Expect

Best time for marriage, to buy or sell a home, move to another location, find love, launch a business — all can be determined by your planetary transits. Once you try it you can keep it going, and it’s easiest to schedule your yearly forecast on your birthday.

For your personal astrology forecast, please email or call me with your birth date, place, and exact birth time including AM or PM. We’ll schedule an hour at your convenience to do your forecast in person in San Francisco CA or by telephone. Includes CD recording or voice recording sent in an email of your forecast details, all charts, and hand-written notes highlighting your exact transit dates.

Six Months Forecast. Includes all charts, Taoist Four Pillars astrology, and CD recording: $250.

Yearly Forecast. Includes all charts, Taoist Four Pillars astrology, and CD recording: $330.
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dragon & phoenixFor love that is new, I recommend a tarot card reading. Tarot is for three questions, and one can be about your relationship. If love is in the cards, then we can do the relationships charts. I will need the birth date, place, and time of both parties.

Chinese Four Pillars

Over the years, I’ve found that the Chinese Four Pillars charts most clearly show compatibility, even more than the Western charts. When I did relationship compatibility charts, most people did not know their Chinese animal sign. They found the Chinese charts most insightful.

Creating a Book

I typed up a few pages of notes on Chinese astrology to give to people when I did their relationship charts. So many people were making copies of these notes and giving them to their friends that I wrote up more info to include compatibility of all 12 Chinese signs, and this became the first draft of my book Taoist Astrology!

Relationship Compatibility Charts: Discover how your Western charts blend to gain understanding of why you are together, and see the intimate dynamics of your relationship. Know how your personality traits mesh based on your Chinese animal signs and your Western compatibility charts. Balance your mutual strengths & weakness to enhance your bond and expand your points of deepest connection. Includes both complete Western birth charts, a planetary synastry chart, two bi-wheel charts, and the Taoist Four Pillars charts for both parties. Includes all 7 charts and CD recording. $380.
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“I just wanted to let you know I received my charts, CD, etc. on Wednesday, apparently sent by special intergalactic mail to have arrived in Madison from San Francisco in such record time! I loved your presentation in the beautiful red folder. It was all so professionally done! I immediately placed the folder in my wealth gua because I felt so blessed with a wealth of information. I plan on listening to the CD tomorrow, on my birthday. I really enjoyed your take on my chart and appreciate you taking the time to help me decipher the mystery of my birth time. Between realizing I’m actually a double Libra and hearing about all those Earthy animals in my Taoist chart, I almost feel as though I have an entirely new identity! – Catherine Vitale, graduate student, Madison WI

“Thank you so much, the CD has arrived and how true everything is!!! I’ve listened to the CD once and I have to listen it again a few times more to really get everything in. I totally understood everything, you speak very clearly, so no problem at all. Funny thing is that I love Dragons, I didn’t know that there were two Dragons in my Four Pillars chart. You have no idea how much I’ve been laughing. I feel like you had a camera so you could see my life.” – Carolina Casagrande, Turku Finland

“Susan, thank you so much for your time this morning. I think you’ve got to be the best astrologer ever and trust me, I’ve seen many. You were right on without even knowing me. I hope you will guide me through this lifetime.” – Linda Chang. engineer, San Francisco CA

“I’m so grateful that I did my chart with you because this really changed my life. There are so many thing that I did not know about myself, like being the dog and seeing things in either black or white. That is so me. I had my chart done before a long time ago, but your chart interpretation really helped me to understand. Both my daughters want their charts too.” – Jennifer Kramer, mother, Los Angeles CA

“A little over a year ago my mother-in-law, Elaine Miller, passed away. While going through her things, my (now ex) husband found a cassette tape of a conversation between you and his mother of a chart reading you had done on him. I think it was dated from 1994 when he was 27. He never knew she had his chart read or the existence of the taped recording. We both listened to it and were incredibly spooked by how COMPLETELY accurate it was! Up until that day I had always thought astrology was a sham…but have to believe after listening to the tape. Some of the many things you predicted (forgive me if I don’t use appropriate terminology) which came to pass, were that he would find happiness in his mid 30s, marry an older woman – a Sagittarius, have a daughter who he would adore, and would have major problems if he insisted on control later on. When I heard the tape, it gave me goose bumps and really freaked me out! A year later I still think about this tape and wonder about your gift. I finally googled you and decided to write and tell you this story.” – Beverly Miller, Haymarket VA

“I was referred to Susan well over a decade ago and I have been using her services and referring to her books ever since. I grew up in a metaphysical household so I began seeing all sorts of intuitives and astrologers in my pre-teens and no one has impressed me as much as Susan. She just did my yearly forecast for my 40th birthday and after all these years I am still blown away by her vast knowledge and keen ability to clearly explain the charts and aspects, as well as what and why to pay attention to certain things; and the best part is she tailors the reading to each individual so you won’t get vague generalities from her. I have found her to be incredibly accurate.

All I can say is “Thank goodness for Susan Levitt,” she has assisted me in navigating through some incredibly difficult decisions and many major life changing situations throughout the years. With the information she gives me, I am able to make more informed decisions, and sometimes-just plain know when to hide and not take any action!

I am on Susan’s email list and I am a fan on her Facebook page and the time she spends sending out helpful guidance for free throughout the year is invaluable. I often find myself forwarding emails or reposting them to certain colleagues, friends and family that I know will find the information useful. If you haven’t read her books, they are a “must buy.” I have used one of the books so much that the cover is falling off; seriously, I taped the cover back together.

I love Susan’s upbeat and fun personality and I always enjoy my readings (even in the times when the news isn’t favorable). I especially appreciate how she repeats the information to be sure I understand and she writes notes on the reports and records the session so you can truly use the information as a guide. I never hesitate to refer Susan and I always receive positive feedback when I do. She is beyond experienced and knowledgeable, very accurate, sincere, genuine, and grounded. Take the leap, you won’t regret it.”
– Tiffany Romney, event planner, Palm Desert CA