Fortunate Surgery Dates

Crescent Moon GoddessPlan your surgery based on

1. Lunar Cycles

2. Moon Signs

3. Medical Staff

The most important tip is avoid the full Moon! And the 5 days leading up to and the 3 days following the full Moon! The waxing Moon is to add to your body. The waning Moon is to remove from your body.

Below are some tips to help you plan:

New Moon
The waxing Moon starts on the new Moon and builds for two weeks to the full Moon. The first week of the waxing Moon is the time for surgery to add (not remove) something to your body, like a new hip, heart valve, or a breast implant for a cancer survivor. Schedule operations that add on the new Moon or during the next 9 days after the new Moon.

Full Moon
Avoid scheduling surgeries or operations of any kind on or close to a full Moon!
Bruising and swelling is much greater on a full Moon. Like sap rising in a tree or the powerful ocean tides, fluids rise on the full Moon. So avoid surgery on a full Moon, and 5 days before or 3 days after the full Moon because of the full Moon’s strong influence.

Dark Moon
The waning Moon occurs during the two weeks after the full Moon, as the Moon wanes down. This is the time for surgery to remove something from your body, such as a cyst or tumor. Schedule operations to remove starting 3 days after the full Moon, preferably during the last week of the lunar cycle as the Moon wanes down. 

zodiac-man-1413-16-2MOON SIGNS

The Moon changes signs every few days. You can find the current Moon sign with a We’Moon lunar calendar or send me an email.

Each Moon sign rules a body part, and it is best to avoid surgery during the Moon sign of that body part. For examples, avoid breast surgery during the Moon in Cancer, avoid an abortion during Moon in Scorpio, and avoid dental surgery during Moon in Capricorn.

Aries the 1st sign rules the head, all the way down to Pisces the 12th sign that rules the feet:

Aries rules the head, including face, brain, and eyes.

Taurus rules the throat, including neck, vocal chords, and thyroid gland.

Gemini rules the lungs, including the shoulders, arms, hands, and nervous system.

Cancer rules the breasts.

Leo rules the heart, and upper back.

Virgo rules digestion, intestines, and spleen.

Libra rules the kidneys, lumbar region, and buttocks.

Scorpio rules the sex organs and bowels.

Sagittarius rules the thighs, hips, and sciatic nerve.

Capricorn rules skin, teeth, and bones including the skeletal system.

Aquarius rules the ankles and circulatory system.

Pisces rules the feet including toes, the lymphatic system, and adipose tissue.


Earth, Air, Water, and Fire

In general, the most favorable lunar signs for surgery are Earth signs Virgo, Capricorn and Taurus. These Earth signs are the most grounding for any type of operations or change of the physical body. They are the best signs for good food, health focus, healing, and stamina.

My favorite Moon sign for anything medical is Virgo when people are more focused on details — unless the medical work is for digestion, stomach, or spleen because that part of the body is ruled by Virgo. 

Second choice is a Moon in one of the Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius that are especially good for technology and modern medical procedures.

Third choice  is a Moon in one of the Water signs Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. Events can flow, but people are more emotional.

Fire sign Moons are the last option. For examples, if you have a choice between an Aries Moon or a Taurus Moon on the following day, schedule for the Taurus Moon. Avoid scheduling on a Leo Moon if you can wait a day or two for the Virgo Moon.

Note that if you can select your surgery date when the Moon is not void of course, then do so.


Mutable, Cardinal, and Fixed Modes

Mutable, or changeable, astrology signs are Virgo (Earth), Gemini (Air), Pisces (Water), and Sagittarius (Fire).

Cardinal, or active, astrology signs are Capricorn (Earth), Libra (Air), Cancer (Water), and Aries (Fire).

Fixed, or solid, astrology signs are Taurus (Earth), Aquarius (Air), Scorpio (Water), and Leo (Fire).

Some people prefer Cardinal Moon signs to get things done, and think that Mutable Moon signs are too fast or unreliable, and that Fixed Moon signs are too slow and won’t innovate. But I’ve found that all modalities are good. They just bring different things. A Mutable Moon can be fast and easy, a Cardinal Moon can accomplish much, and a Fixed Moon can be slow and steady. I prefer an Earth sign, whether Mutable, Cardinal, or Fixed. 


Mercury Retrograde

If your surgery occurs while Mercury is retrograde, be sure to allow yourself plenty of time and arrive early. And expect delays such as going to the wrong building, or incorrect billing. Mars retrograde should not be a problem but drive carefully.


Good Feng Shui

Organize your home, especially the room where you will rest and recovery after surgery, so that your environment is set up to help you heal when you return from the hospital. Feng Shui tips.

And prepare your food before your surgery. Have in the fridge or freezer your soups, bone broth, juices, or whatever food is best for your recovery.

Keep up your spirit during recovery! 

You have time to read, so check out my book Taoist Astrology. 



Medical staff have a busy life too!

On a Friday afternoon, most people who work Monday through Friday want to be out the door after lunchtime. So schedule your surgery for Friday morning, not late afternoon before the weekend.

Monday after a holiday weekend is not the best time to schedule your surgery. If you schedule on the day after people return to work after a holiday weekend, or any event with lots of eating and drinking such as Superbowl Sunday, anticipate that hospital staff probably won’t be rested.

So avoid scheduling surgery on dates that are on or too close to a holiday. For examples, the couple of days before Thanksgiving or Christmas, few people have their mind on work. Avoid surgery on Halloween when people come to work in costume and want to have fun. On or the day after St. Paddy’s Day, or April Fools Day, can be problematic because workers could be focused on celebratory activities.


Choose Fair Weather

If you have a choice about when to schedule surgery, chose a time in spring or summer. Avoid the cold and flu season when hospital staff are sick, and when your own immune system is weaken by harsh weather. Plus it is easier to heal in mild weather. Plus if you have any sort of sensitivity to loss of light in winter, it will be easier to keep your spirits up when there is more light outside.



Egg in the light. Bleed in the dark.

Ovulate on the full Moon! Figure out when you menstruate and get your body in sync to produce your egg when the Moon is full.

Menstruate during the dark Moon, preferably on the balsamic Moon, the final two or three days of the lunar cycle. This is the quiet time to rest, release your blood, and honor your body.

So plan travel and other stimulating events on or near the full Moon. Plan quiet restful time during the final days of the lunar cycle during menstruation. And yes, men are influenced by lunar cycles too.


Water sign Full MoonENTERTAIN, WED, and CELEBRATE under the full Moon light

Celebrations, weddings, and parties are best on the full Moon, or as close to the full Moon as possible. Planning an art opening or family get together? The best attendance will be on or close to a full Moon. An event held on a dark Moon at the end of the lunar cycle will attract fewer people.

To learn more about astrology, let’s do your birth chart! If you know your chart, let’s do your yearly forecast

Wishing you good luck as you follow lunar cycles.


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