Feng Shui for Wood Horse Year 2014


earth-horseClean out your entry to welcome all the good luck that will come into your home and place of business in 2014. Clean out the front porch, entry hall, lobby, or whatever the entry is where you live. Make this area clean, well lit, and inviting.

You don’t need to install a fish pond or fountain. Just make it clean. Check the entry’s lighting fixtures, add a fresh coat of paint, and a new rug to welcome the Horse. Horse is no nonsense and does not want frills or anything fancy. Horse’s style is clean, utilitarian, and sporty. Save big redecorating projects for Wood Sheep year 2015.

One of many styles of feng shui is to overlay a map of the eight tri-grams, called ba-gua in Chinese.

Ba-gua focus to create abundance for Wood Horse year is to emphasize the Creativity/Children area. This is located on the middle right wall from the entry. Artistry and beauty in that area of your home and office enhance the fresh and free creative spirit of children. Cultivation of this area helps to have more fun and enjoy life in a free, childlike manner like the Horse.

baguafawnchangfengshui1The second area to focus in Horse year is the Helpful People and Travel corner, conveniently located next to the Children/Creativity area. Horse often succeeds after others intervene to offer guidance. Focus on the Helpful People & Travel corner is important for Horse, especially during youth, because travel is important to Horse who loves to explore and see faraway places.

If you feel swept away at times during this Horse year, focus on the Knowledge & Self Cultivation corner. Take a break and rest before you head back into the action. The Fire Horse born in 1966 benefits greatly from developing the Knowledge corner.


white lotusMake sure that all areas are clean with no clutter! Events move so quickly that it is easy for clutter to pile up. Avoid all clutter in Horse year, or else you could experience chaos and confusion. Horse is not fancy, and is happy to live with less, go camping, and sleep on the floor like a good soldier. So pare down.

Don’t over decorate or add more to your environment unless you are adding healthy plants. Next year Sheep 2015 is the time to decorate, be fancy, and treat yourself. But in Horse year stay strong, avoid any sort of big shopping spree, and work on being strong physically. If you are out of shape or “falling apart” then this is the year for you to get back in shape.

Attention to feng shui is important at New Year to welcome new opportunities. Clean your home as if it is spring cleaning but done now. Move any piece of furniture that has not been moved during this past year to clean behind and below it. Do not start a new year and a new cycle in a messy or dirty home environment. If you have clutter anywhere, now is the time to get rid of it. What is clutter? Any item that you do not use. Clear out all closets, drawers, and storage areas if they have clutter and are not organized and tidy.


When entering your home, what is the first thing seen? Your eye goes somewhere, so be observant in every room of your home. Make sure that the first thing seen in each room is inviting, clean, and inspiring when you enter. You do not want to see a pile of paperwork or any type of mess. Organize each room so that the first thing seen sets a pleasant tone and makes the room inviting to enter.

The first thing seen should be so attractive that you want to be near it. Not everyone has great artistic talents, but everyone can aspire to improve the beauty, comfort, and general appeal of their immediate surroundings. Read a few interior design books or magazines. Be open to cultivating your own sense art, beauty, and aesthetics.


It is very fortunate to start the New Year with no debt. (A mortgage or a school loan are not in this category.) If you have personal debt on New Year, get out of debt in 2014 and organize your finances. Next year Sheep 2015 you can start the year with an even balance of your accounts. Sheep “eat paper” meaning that Sheep can really spend, so do not start out Sheep year with any financial problems.


The energy of any environment can be transformed completely by adding a couple of coats of paint. If each room of your home has white or ivory walls, all that white is too much of the element Metal which can lead to arguing and bickering. When the weather warms up in summer of Horse year (Horse’s power season) be sure to paint at least one room with color.

It can be a small room such as a bathroom, but all-white walls in a home is too much Metal that leads to imbalance. Good colors for a small room are soft blue for a bathroom or light green for a bedroom. Be sure the blue or green are restful and not too bright. Yellow is good in the kitchen, or gold in the dining room. Which room to paint? Paint the area that looks the most rundown and is in most need of sprucing up.


Every room of your home or office has a Creativity/Children area to focus on in Horse year. But the most important room this year is your kitchen because that is the room of the element Wood, and 2014 is the year of the Wood Horse. Start in your kitchen, a minor yang room. Start your Horse year feng shui journey by standing at the entry of your kitchen. Then observe what is in your Creativity/Children area. Really look at your kitchen to clean it up, and then make it the kitchen that you really want. Do the work. The next room to transform is your living room, also a yang room in this yang Horse year.


feng_shui430x300In a Wood year, it’s fortunate to add plants, flowers, and healthy bamboo to your home and workplace. Fresh flowers bring fresh aroma that clears the air for New Year, especially if your home feels dark, over heated, or musty. Add beautiful flowers to welcome the New Year and to increase abundance. And plants offer fresh oxygen to improve health. The energy of a room is brightened by the addition of flowers and plants. So be sure to add fresh cut flowers or a healthy plant to your home for New Year.

At work add green house plants with round leaves such as a lily (peace plant), jade, pothos, Chinese evergreen, or orchids with round leaves. If you do not have a green thumb, bring in fresh flowers on Monday to the office, or add silk flowers in lively colors. If you do add a fish tank or fountain, be sure you can commit to the work involved in maintaining a tank or fountain. But a fountain in this Wood year is fortunate because Water is the mother of Wood, meaning that water added to wood (plants) helps growth.

dozen red rosesLucky flowers are orchids, peonies, and lilies. Chrysanthemums have a scent that not everyone likes, so pay attention to scent. Roses are fine in a home or office, but remove them if there’s arguing (influence of the rose’s thorns.) Avoid thorny plants like a cactus, indoors or outdoors. Instead, grow lush plants that have soft round leaves like a jade plant or philodendron.

Outdoors, it is more fortunate to have plants that stay ever green and do not ever lose their leaves. Bamboo is especially lucky in feng shui because as it grows, the new growth is stronger and longer. Bamboo sways gently in the wind, meaning that it is easily adaptable to change. But be sure your bamboo does not dry out and become yellowed. If you have bamboo, keep it watered and transfer it to a larger container when it outgrows the container it was in when you bought it.

Be sure that your plants stay healthy throughout the year. If not, recycle the withered plant and replace it with a fresh, healthy one. A bouquet of fresh flowers is excellent to add beauty, fragrance, and luck, but be sure to recycle the flowers when they lose energy and begin to wilt. No dead or dried flowers, and no potpourri.

black orchidsSilk flowers are superb in feng shui because they are a wonderful way to add light and life to your environment. If you bring home a lovely orchid, after the flower wilts, cut away the dead stalk and insert a good-quality silk orchid into your container. Then your orchid seems to be always in bloom — instead of a dead stalk tied to a wooden stake. And you’ll have an orchid that always appears to be in bloom!

You can purchase what is referred to as a “money plant.” This potted plant usually is decorated with gold or red charms. But this type of plant tends to get leggy as it grows, with long stringy branches weighed down by the charms. So this money plant is not your best choice. A lush round jade plant is better choice than the so-called money plant.

5 elements brightPAINT COLORS

Paint colors correlate to the five Taoist elements of Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, and Wood:

FIRE/HEART/LIVING ROOM – In Chinese medicine, the element fire is represented by the heart. The living room is the heart of the home. Your living room is best in bright and lively Fire colors red, purple, and all shades of red or with bright accents to stimulate conversation and activity.

EARTH/STOMACH/DINING ROOM – In Chinese medicine, the element earth is the stomach. The dining room is where we eat and digest food. The dining room is best in earthen tones of gold, terra cotta, or other soft yin colors. Red paint in a dining area is too stimulating and people eat too fast.

METAL/LUNGS/BEDROOM – In Chinese medicine, the element metal is the lungs. The bedroom is where we sleep and breathe deeply while resting. Best bedroom colors are white, cream, and soft pastels. Avoid bright big prints on bedding and drapery, especially in a child’s room, because it is too yang and not restful.

WATER/KIDNEYS/BATHROOM – In Chinese medicine, the element water is the kidneys, and therefore correlates to the bathroom. Paint this room in a soft, quiet, and calm color for peaceful elimination of waste and for soothing bathing or showering. Light blue is fine.

WOOD/LIVER/KITCHEN – In Chinese medicine, the element wood is the liver. Wood is used in a kitchen to feed the cooking fire. The kitchen must be kept very clean because this is where food is prepared, so white walls are best. But green accents or a plant are recommended to introduce the Wood element into this Wood room.

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