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Introduction to Tarot by Susan Levitt

Introduction to Tarot by Susan Levitt


I offer personal tarot readings over the phone and in person in San Francisco. To schedule your reading, click “Add to Cart” below and follow the checkout process. Once your reading is scheduled, I will contact you to schedule our time together.

I’ve read tarot since 1972, and became a professional tarot reader in 1986. Many of my clients have been with me for decades because the guidance I see in the cards is practical and realistic, not ego-flattering fantasy. I believe in guiding my clients toward success by embracing the work of healing, education, and introspection. Please read the testimonials from past readings.

Tarot Payment

If you have questions about how to follow the directions during the payment procedure, call Paypal at 1-888-221-1161.

Tarot Consultation: $175
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The Complete Tarot Kit by Susan Levitt

The Complete Tarot Kit by Susan Levitt

Once you scheduled your tarot reading, please prepare 3 questions (or topics) for the cards. There is no such thing as a silly question. Tarot can be quite specific, so multiple choice questions are fine.

I finish each tarot reading with a medicine card that shows spiritual guidance from animals, plus an angel card for the best way to proceed.