Tarot Classes

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Please contact me to schedule your private tarot class. Private lessons are in San Francisco or by phone 425.642.8019. If by phone, have your copy of INTRO TO TAROT on hand to look up the cards. The fee is $200 per hour.

Private lesson fee is $200.

Private Lesson: $200
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August 6 2017 BEGINNER TAROT CLASS in San Francisco. Class starts at noon, ends at 3 pm. Class size is limited so everyone receives individual attention.

Class text is my book INTRODUCTION TO TAROT. If you have tarot cards, bring them. If you do not have tarot cards, then purchase my THE COMPLETE TAROT KIT that has my book and two tarot decks. The Complete Tarot Kit by Susan Levitt

In my three hour Beginner Tarot Class you will learn:

  • The structure of tarot
  • Your soul card and signifier cards
  • How to identify the 22 major, 40 minor, and 16 court cards
  • How to shuffle and cut the cards
  • How to do a three card spread

Class fee is $175.

Tarot Class: $175
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Both you and I will receive notification after you make payment that confirms your place in the class. I will use the email address that you used for paypal to notify you of your class confirmation, and to give you directions to the class location on Dolores Street in San Francisco, just up the hill from Dolores Park. 

To Read Before Class:

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