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LUCKY FENG SHUI for the Color of Your Home

A common Feng Shui question that I’m often asked is, “What color should I paint my home?” Colors have symbolic meaning; white represents purity and cleanliness, blue feels calming and peaceful, red represents fire and passion, yellow is stimulating and joyful.

In Feng Shui, colors are symbolic of the five Taoist elements of fire, earth, metal, water, and wood. Fire is red or purple, earth is yellow or gold, metal is white or light pastel, water is black or blue, and wood is green.

So let’s say you love the color blue, it’s you favorite color, and you want to symbolically add water because you live in a dry climate, and wonder which shade of blue is best for your home. But before you purchase any paint, take a walk around the block and observe the colors of all the other homes. As you stroll, really note the appearance of the buildings that surround you. Which colors look best, and which colors are not as harmonious with the other homes?

If the other houses are blue, perhaps a vanilla white home would make all the blue homes pop and look better. Or maybe a shade of blue that matches both the lighter and darker blue houses. Be prepared to change your mind if your blue does not work. Your choice for exterior color should look so good that it increases everyone’s property values because of your paint selection!

Spring of this Rabbit year 2011 is a superb time to paint your home. Good luck, and just be sure to make a home color selection that everyone in the neighborhood can enjoy and appreciate.


  1. Very Interesting, I love reading your posts.

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