Surgery Dates and Lunar tips

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I can research a fortunate date or choice of dates for your surgery, a wedding, to launch a business, and more.

For a big event such as a business launch, schedule your event on or close to the full Moon for better attendance and more energy. But avoid surgery on the full Moon, and the three days before and the two days after the full Moon, to avoid swelling, bruising, and complications.

The fee is $90. Most event astrology is easy to do by email

For surgery:
1. What is the exact nature of your surgery?
Are you adding to the body such as an implant, or removing from the body such as removing a tumor?

2. Let me know your birth date, place, and time.

3. Let me know the location where the surgery will take place.
I need this info for the time zone.

4. The window of time (month or two) available to have your surgery.

5. If this surgery is done only on specific days such as only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
I don’t want to find a good date, but then surgery is not done on that day.

Includes your personal transits and transit bi-wheel.
(Note that your event date, or choice of dates, is not your birth chart reading or astrology forecast.)

Testimonials from happy clients:

“I want to thank you for your advice on our elopement date! We eloped on September 19 and it was AMAZING! It was one of those days that everything just works out just in time and almost miraculously. To give you an idea of what I mean, the very next day Alberta implemented new COVID restrictions which would have made it impossible for us to celebrate as we did. And there were many other things that fell into place in the last minute and perfectly. Thank you so much!”
– Darina B., Alberta Canada

Thank you for expertise Susan! AMAZING results on my face so far! Hands take longer than face so I’m still waiting for them to peel but so far so good. Thanks again!!
– Emily C., Los Angeles, California

Susan, I just want to say Thank You for my surgery date, and the results turned out amazing. My recovery is moving along at lightning speed. I am SO thankful that I consulted you and appreciate your expert advice.
– Beth K.,  London


Event Astrology: $90

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  1. Thankyou for all of your Moon Wisdom! As a Moon~in~Cancer Girl, I’m definitely always my happiest, most creative, and most energized when the Moon is Full! I love your new mobile site! Love, Jennifer

    • Thanks Jennifer. So nice to hear from you. Yes, we Water-sign sensitives are so influenced by Mother Moon. And keep reading your tarot cards! You’ve got it.

  2. hello…great article. I am planning a surgery to remove cartilage from my hip joint and the doc will then replace the cartilage with new tissue either from another part of my leg or even possibly from a cadaver. since its a remove and an add surgery what do you suggest is a best moon time. still waxing?
    thank u so much!

    • Dear Christy,
      Yes, do this surgery on the WAXING MOON if you have a choice about it. You want the new cartilage to bond and settle in place, getting stronger on the full Moon. Massage it, sing to it, and make it feel at home in the new location of your body. On a dark waxing Moon new cartilage might not take or need to be replaced. And don’t be freaked out by tissue from a cadaver. It’s recycling and reusing, very good ecological management. Good luck!

    • Since you are both removing and adding, just avoid the four days before, the day of, and the four days after the full Moon.
      And not during Moon in Sagittarius that rules the hips.

  3. I’m having an operation to explore my abdomen, just to see what’s going on. I’m not having anything removed or added into my body, the surgeon is just gonna look inside. I’m having this 3 days before the full moon as this is urgent. Do you think this is ok? I have sextiles between mercury and jupiter and mars that day, which I hear should indicate successful operations. I also have pluto trine sun in my solar return, with lots of eighth house action (the house of surgery) and lots of positive jupiter transits (to my natal chart) happening around the same time. Do you think this will be ok, as it’s just exploratory surgery, as opposed to more complicated surgery? Thanks for reading and I really enjoy reading your site 🙂

    • Dear friend,
      Since this is urgent, go ahead and take care of your health. Great that you are having such good transits at this time.
      To be very safe, plan for swelling and discomfort — even if you are fine. Take it very easy after the exam, and take very good care of yourself during the full Moon. So no big plans for a few days, and a Taurus full Moon on a double Pig day is perfect for relaxing, healing, and eating well.
      From now on, when you have a choice about surgery dates be sure to avoid full Moons when possible.
      Good luck,

    • I am having my gallbladder removed. Could you please tell me which sign rules the gallbladder ? Thank you for all your wisdom.

  4. Hi Susan,
    I now have MAJOR, life changing surgery that I’m about to schedule soon.
    I know it is currently mercury retrograde season, so the whole of February is out – However, they’ve said the surgeons (who are VERY in demand) will only be available to schedule it for March? Another problem is, the surgeons are only available on a Saturday!
    So if you could advise me on a day to pick because I’m feeling really lost right about now.
    It has to be in March and on a Saturday, but I’m so confused about which one to choose as I remember you said to avoid the Full Moon, and to be as close to a New Moon as possible, etc.
    If it helps, I’m having this major surgery on my uterus area.
    If you could advise me on the best Saturday in March to go for I’d be so grateful, as I’m feeling really alone right now and have to make this huge decision all by myself.
    I just really don’t want to make a mistake by picking the wrong date because this is really major surgery.
    Thanks so much for reading xxx

    • Should have also made clear: I’m having major surgery, during which I will actually have my uterus removed. Thank you xx

    • Avoid the full Moon weekend of March 15 & 16. Sat Mar 22 is the best. Good luck!

  5. Dear Susan, thanks for such an awesome site that is so helpful and informative. I hope to achieve my dreams of being a successful astrologer like you one day and you’re a great inspiration. Since I was young I’ve been troubled by health problems but hope to resolve them soon by surgery which has been scheduled for April 12th. This date is definitely when I will be having it done, does it look ok to you? This surgery is extremely urgent and cannot be postponed any longer. Thanks a bunch! -Hope xoxo

    • Dear Hope,
      Thank you for your kind letter. Your surgery date is EXCELLENT! On a nice dark balsamic Moon.
      You can rest & heal that weekend, and into the new Moon eclipse on Tuesday.
      Be sure to lay low & take care. Don’t jump out of bed too soon in a Dragon month & Wood Horse year.
      Good luck!

      • Hi, I had a surgery on the 6/72022 but it was unsuccessful, leaving me with depression and an uglier face than before. Will I ever be able to fix my nose? Will I be able to afford it, be able to find the right doctor? If yes then when is the best year? Thank you

        • Dear Christalla,
          Sorry to hear that your surgery went badly!
          And on your face, so understandable how that is even more upsetting.

          Reach out now for support for depression.
          It will be easier to address now in summer.
          In autumn and winter you could experience SAD seasonal affective disorder that can be depressing.
          So have your support systems well in place by then.

          If you do corrective surgery, I can research a safe date for you.
          The fee is $90 and is for a specific date, or dates in a one to two month framework.
          Or we can schedule your one year astrology forecast to have a yearly overview.
          The fee is $360 and info is at
          But wait for the swelling to go down, and that could take months.

          So in the meantime, take care now, not just plunge into sadness.
          If you don’t know where to begin, consider a local acupuncturist.
          They can help with grief while you arrange other forms of therapy.

  6. I plan to have hip replacement surgery but am concerned that it be at a good time. What dates in July or August would be the best?
    For the year 2014.

    • Avoid close to the full Moon on July 12, and avoid close to the full Moon on Aug 10.
      July 1 – 4 is good, then after the 15th to the end of the month.
      Aug 1 – 6 is good, then Aug 13 to the rest of the month except for Aug 30 and 31.

      Good luck and be sure to allow yourself enough time to heal.
      Do not hop out of bed too soon in this Horse year then and reinjure your hip.

      For more specific info, we should schedule a consultation.
      Good luck.

  7. My aunt is scheduled get surgery on March 25th. She is fixing a deviated septum, nose job and a surgical peel of her face. The things I’ve read lead me to believe this is not a good date. Should she reschedule? Or if it must be that day how do we counteract the date not being ideal?
    Please advise

    • Dear Christie,

      This date is fine. I do not know why you think it is not good. It is 5 days after the new Moon, well before the full Moon on April 4.

      Just stay out of the sun after her face is peeled. In general, schedule skin peels in winter not during the hot days of summer.

      Good luck!

  8. My younger brother had met with an Accident in March 2013..he had a multiple compound fracture in his right leg and a titanium rod was placed inside his Tibia bone ( the bone beneath the knee) . He has to remove the rod and we were thinking of 30th March. Kindly advise when I could schedule the Surgery. I would be really thankful as I am worried for him. He’s just two years younger to me but he’s like my baby. Thank you and please advise !!

  9. I should get removed my uterus which day is good in Feb16, pls reply me immediately as it is most urgent

  10. Dear susan, My daughter’s Adenoid removal surgery is planned thsi month.Please suggest suitable date for the same.
    Thanks & regards

    • Dear Deepa,
      Surgery to remove something from the body is best during the waning Moon.
      In April 2016, the waning lunar cycle begins after the full Moon on April 22.
      Friday April 23 is too close to the full Moon. And it’s Earth Day when people are not fully focused on work.
      Good days are Mon – Fri during the week of April 25 – 29.
      Good luck,

  11. Hi, Urgent I am scheduled for a sinus surgery: polyp removal & deviated septum, Friday 4/22/2016 @ 11:30am. Should I reschedule?

  12. Dear Susan,
    Would you please advise me if March 17 at 8am is a good day for a selective surgery?
    Thanks a bunch and best regards

    • Dear Peggy,
      March 17 is far enough from the full Moon that was on March 10, but it is St. Patrick’s day so people will be partying, or wanting to get off work to go party!
      Good you are scheduled for 1st thing in the morning before people are off to celebrate, and celebration could start at lunch.
      If you are not released right after your surgery, be aware that workers could be hung over or sick the next day, and make errors when they are attending to you on March 18.
      It’s best to avoid all holidays.
      But in general, 8 am on March 17 is good.
      Good luck,

  13. I’m trying to figure out what is a better date for surgery july11,2017 or August 15, 2017. Also can u give me pointer on how to figure out what to look for in determing the best dates

  14. Hi, I’m scheduled to have a total hip replacement on Aug 28,2017 and I just realized it is during the Mercury Retrograde Aug 12-Sept 5 2017…I thought the good news was that it was not during a Sagittarius moon and that it was within the 9 days following a new moon. A waxing moon is best right? Oh my goodness, it is hard to get it right, please help. I happen to be a double Libra with a Sagittarius Moon born 9/26/1960 7:49am Queens NY
    Thank you!!

  15. I am having hip replacement next fall 2019 and I can try to choose the best date. The New Moon is Saturday September 28th so it is best to have the surgery Monday 9-30 or October 1st? I can request. My BD is 02/02/1947 Aquarius with Moon in Cancer, Pisces rising.Thanks for advice.

  16. Dear Susan, I will be having a breast reduction procedure on April 21st 2020. The moon will be in Aries which means that breasts should be fine. The only problem is that the Doctor would also like to operate on my eyes to perfect the surgery done this year. A very minor procedure but do you see any problems arising from having both procedures done at the same time. Thank you so much for your advice 🙂

  17. Hello Susan,
    I’m having one Impacted wisdom tooth removed two days following a new moon. Also the moon is in Aries on evening of my surgery date. Is that ok or should I schedule another day?

  18. I need to have eye surgery and I was born 5-21-1963 in Norfolk Va. Surgery is in Va Beach. What is the best and safest day in July Aug etc 2020

  19. Hi!

    I’ve been having diffucultiee with finding a good surgery date as my surgeon only operates on a saturday. The surgery shouldn’t be planned asap, but it’s best not to wait too long.
    Normally I am being operated on the 8th of august. I considered everything regarding the moon.
    Also the sign it’s in. Aries. Everything seemed fine. But recently I read that aries also influences the striated muscle.
    I am going to be operated on my breasts so I tought I only had to look out for signs that influence breast and skin.
    The surgeon has to remove something from my breasts and will most likely also have to do some reparations on the muscle there.
    Do you think the aries moon, being an influence on striated muscle, is a problem?

    I looked for other favorable dates but then I would have to postpone it to the 21th of november, wich is a long time.

    26th of september is also a possibility, but that is in a mercury retrograde already. Also a waxing moon. There will be taken away and added from the body but I prefer a waning moon since the taking away is more important.

    Kindest regards


  20. Hello my name is Jennifer Anderson. I have a question regarding surgery I am having soon to have two hernias repaired. This still needs to be done during wanning moon cycle correct or is it adding so will it be waxing moon cycle? Just want clarification. There is also a possibility I will have my right ovary removed which I know is wanning moon cycle so if both are being done at same time then which is best? Thank you

  21. Hello Susan,
    I’m having a hysteroscopy on Thursday 30th July, in the morning. A camera will be introduced to look inside my uterus and see if any problems and maybe fibroids removed if needed. As the full moon falls just over 4 days later is this recommended? Also should I opt out for general or local anesthetic? I don’t think I can change the surgery date but any advice will be appreciated.
    Thank you very much.

  22. Hello
    I am having a knee surgery for torn miniscus
    on Wednesday, August 9, 2020.
    Is it a good time astrologically wise.
    I would appreciate your feedback.
    Thank you.

    • Dear Nelli,
      Do you mean Weds Sept 9 2020? Aug 9 is on a Sunday.
      The fee for finding a surgery date is $75. Info is at
      And please email your birth date, place, and exact birth time to me at
      Thank you for your interest in astrology.

      • Hi Susan, I have to have a Cold Knife Cone Biopsy surgery done. My Doctor scheduled it for September 24. I’m seeing it is a bad time. What days in October are good for surgery? Thank you!

  23. Hello. I hope you see this tonight and can answer quickly ! Not rushing you, but I’m anxious. I have surgery tomorrow. Just day surgery. It’s a hysteroscopy and polyp removal. It’s a waxing moon in sag, and both Mars and mercury are retrograde. It’s also the 19th the day I was born. I am feeling anxious about the mixture of the cosmos. …do you suggest delaying? We don’t get to choose when our surgery is, even though it’s an elective. I will go back on the waiting list of I don’t take it. I do have to take general anesthesia…any suggestions ?
    Light always.

    • Dear Chantal,

      You are fine for your hysterectomy and polyp removal surgery on Oct 19 or Oct 20 2020. (Not sure from your post which day it is.) We are not close to the full Moon that will be on Oct 31. The whole idea is to avoid the full Moon to avoid swelling! The Moon is not in Scorpio, the one Moon sign to avoid for a hysterectomy or any surgery involving sex organs.

      Removing from the body is easier if done during a waning Moon, not a waxing Moon. But that pushes your surgery date into Nov, and better to do this surgery sooner than later. And you do not want to go back to a waiting list than can extend into the holidays.

      Fine to have general anesthesia, and the 19th of the month date will not be a problem concerning surgery.

      Yes, Mercury is still retrograde until Nov 3. But this is not highly mercurial. Doctors are not inventing new methods as they go. Just be sure to know where your surgery location is if it is not the same place where you usually see your doctor, and plan to arrive early.

      Mercury retrograde is that I saw your posting now on Oct 23. Hope you are recovering well. I can be reached at or phone 415.642.8019 if you need to get in touch right away.

      Good luck!

      • Which date is better for nose job please for Aquarius ?March 1st 2021 or April 29 ?

        • April 29. March 1 is too close to the full Moon on Feb 27 two days earlier.
          April 29 the Moon in Sagittarius is fine. You do not want Moon in Aries that rules the head.
          And to some extent, not Moon in Capricorn the rules skin, teeth, and bones if your nose job requires dealing with nose bone and cartilage.
          April 29 is just far enough from the full Moon on April 26.
          But I would pick a better date altogether if you have a choice because April 29 is still a bit close to the full Moon.
          3 days after the full Moon on April 29 is better than 2 days after the full Moon on March 1.
          But contact me directly at if you have other dates available to you.

  24. Susan thank you for your wonderful website! I need to schedule oral surgery at least 2.5 months from now (that’s how far the doc is booked out). Won’t know exactly what the surgery entails until he does imaging there but he will probably be cleaning out cavitations in the jaw bone, packing w/ platelet rich fibrin which uses my own blood, and possible extraction of at least one tooth. What dates look favorable in February or March? Very anxious about this one! THEN… I am having breast surgery that involves removal of old scar tissue from a previous implant removal surgery. I can choose my date in April, May or June. I need time to fully recover from the oral surgery. Any date suggestions for the breast surgery? Thank you!

    • Dear Nancy,
      Thank you for your interest in astrology for surgery.
      To find your best dates for oral surgery and breast surgery, please email your birth date, place, and birth time to me at
      And let me know the location of where you will be having these surgeries.
      I charge a $75 fee for finding surgery dates. Info is under the Event Astrology heading at
      And feel free to call me at 415.642.8019 if you have any more questions.

  25. Hi Susan. Thank you so much for your help. I don’t really know much about astrology, only to avoid the full moon for surgeries! I just paid online for an event consult w/ you. I was born on July 17, 1957 in Manning SC around 10am. The location of my oral surgery is Marble Falls, TX an hour from Austin. There will likely be cleaning out of necrotic jaw bone and possible removal of at least one tooth. The jaw bone cavitations will be packed with platelet-rich fibrin which is a paste of my own blood mixed with a bone-like powder to help create new bone. I’ve been offered two dates: Jan 5, which I’m not leaning toward since it will be the first couple of days after returning from Christmas and New Years. The other date is Feb 2. I can ask for other dates if neither looks good. The second surgery, breast surgery (removal of scar tissue from previous implant and explant surgeries) will be in Pepper Pike, Ohio, just outside of Cleveland. Looking at April, May or June for that with ample time to recover from the oral surgery before. I will give you a call to schedule. Thank you!

    • Dear Nancy,
      It was a pleasure speaking with you on the phone, and glad we found good surgery dates for you!
      I emailed to you a recording of our conversation.
      Please contact me again if for any reason these dates should become unavailable.
      Wishing you good luck in your healing,

  26. I’m scheduled to have disc replacement surgery on December 14, 2020. I just found out it’s a new moon and eclipse. Now I’m worried but I don’t see anything in your blog about surgery and eclipses? Thank you for any insight.

    • Dear Kristina,
      If you cannot change this eclipse date:
      1. Good news is that the new Moon is farthest from the full Moon, and the whole idea is to avoid the full Moon!
      2. The Moon is in Gemini, not Capricorn that is the one Moon sign to avoid for surgery involving bones.
      3. Yes, this during the time of eclipses on Nov 30 and Dec 14 in 2020, but that does not need to affect your surgery.
      Surgeons are are not doing hidden methods or inventing new ways of doing surgery as they go.
      To avoid anything hidden, be sure to know the correct location for your surgery if it’s different from where you see your doctor, allow plenty of time to get there, and check that billing is correct with your insurance company.
      If you can change the date, I charge $75 to find a better surgery date. And I will cast your birth charts to give you more information.
      Info is on my web site under the Event Astrology tab at
      Let me know what works.
      Good luck,

  27. Hi Susan, my mom has to have emergency heart surgery on 12/14/20. That is the day of the new moon and lunar eclipse. What do you think of that date? Thanks!

    • Dear Melissa,
      Since this is an EMERGENCY and you cannot select the best date, just get in as soon as you can.
      1. The new Moon is farthest from the full Moon, and the whole idea is to avoid the full Moon!
      2. The Moon is in Gemini, not Leo that is the one Moon sign to avoid for surgery involving the heart.
      3. Yes, this during the time of eclipses on Nov 30 and Dec 14 in 2020, is but that does not need to affect Mom’s surgery.
      Surgeons are are not doing hidden methods or inventing new ways of doing surgery as they go.
      To avoid anything hidden, be sure to bring your Mom to the correct location for your surgery if it is different from where she usually sees her doctor, allow plenty of time to get there, and check that billing is correct with her insurance company.
      If you want to pick a better date if you or a family member does more surgery, we can plan it and I can give you more details based on your mother’s birth chart. Info is on my web site under the Event Astrology tab at
      But for an emergency, take this date. Hope Mom is OK until then.
      Good luck,

      • Hello Susan
        Well I am a 53 year old woman who has just been facing cancer for the past 2 years. I healed myself with all alternative and natural methods.
        I am now celebrating by getting some cosmetic work done on my face and neck. I was hoping to leave the country first week of January so it doesn’t leave me many good dates in this month given the eclipses, but as I understand it it may be a good idea to Simply have not make any major decisions or any forward movement until after the first of the year. Is that because of the eclipses or are there other things happening that makes this true?
        I was hoping to schedule surgury on December 22nd, but now I see that the Moon is in Aries, which is a big No-No for this type of surgery! What bummer timing!
        The 24th would be great because it’s Taurus, however like you said, it’s not good to schedule surgeries around big holidays.
        Any input would be very much appreciated.

        • Dear Teya,

          Thank you for your interest in astrology.

          Great that you healed yourself from cancer with alternative and natural methods!

          I agree that Dec 22 2020 is not the best date for surgery because of holiday distractions and the Moon in Aries.

          I recommend that you reschedule if possible.

          The fee for finding your best surgery date is $75 in can be paid on line at

          1. Please email me at to let me know the nature of your cosmetic work. Are you adding to the face such as an implant, or removing from the face such as removing skin?

          2. Let me know your birth date, place, and time.

          3. Let me know the location of where the surgery will be taking place, the dates that are available to have your surgery, and if the surgery is done on specific days such as only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

          I look forward to hearing from you soon.



  28. i was wondering if you might be able to help pick a dte for my puppys spay in either jan or feb 2021. i am concerened because in the past she had some lung issues.
    Any insight would be much appreciated. Feb would probably be my choice of months . She is currently schedules for Jan 11th.
    BUT no problem to change date.

    • Hello Sulayla,
      Thank you for your interest in astrology.
      The fee for finding the best surgery date is $75 and can be paid online under the Event Astrology heading at
      Please send to me by email the location of where you will be spaying your puppy.

  29. I am going to have a carpal tunnel release on my dominate hand and was wondering when would be a good 2021 time to do it. The surgeon only does surgery on Tues, Wed and Fridays.

    • Hello Jacki,
      Thank you for your interest in astrology.
      The fee for finding your best surgery date is $75 and can be paid online under the Event Astrology heading at
      Please send to me by email your birth date, place, and time. And let me know the location of where you will be doing the carpal tunnel surgery.

  30. Hello I am finding this site very interesting. You did a wonderful job of explaining. I am learning so much. Do you give classes?

    • Dear Beth,
      Thank you for your interest in tarot, astrology, and feng shui.
      Yes, I give classes. They are private lessons.
      Info is at the bottom of the page at
      We can schedule by phone 415.642.8019 or Zoom. The fee is $200 per hour.
      (I’m not meeting in person in San Francisco for the time being for Covid safety)
      Please send me an email at to discuss.

  31. Hi Susan,
    I’m going to have a Brazilian Butt lift along with liposuction. I’m in a dilemma trying to figure out what zodiac signs I need to avoid during their moon phase.

    So far I got Taurus and their sister sign Scorpio.
    Also, is it true if i avoid one sign, I must avoid the sister sign as well?

  32. Hi… I’m planning a tummy tuck in June. What are the best days to get that surgery. My birthday is March the 24th. If I’m thinking correctly I want to get the surgery around the 8th, 10th, or 11th. of the Month.

    • Dear Rebecca,
      Thank you for your interest in astrology.
      I will contact you directly using your email address since I will need more info such as your birth year and the location of the surgery.

  33. Hi,
    I have stage 4 breast cancer and I’m having an endoscopy and colonoscopy separately to rule out spreading to the other organs. I don’t have a lot of options from the Doctor on dates which are one will be done April 21, and the other May 5th. According to a chart April 21th ruled by Leo in waxing gibbous, and May 5th is waning crescent in Pisces. Do you think these dates will be fine? Only other option was the April 14th but no way I chose that date since Taurus rules everything the endoscopy does, neck, vocal cords, throat.

    • Dear Jeanette,
      I agree that both Apr 21 and May 5 are good dates!
      April 21 is fine. Leo Moon should be avoided for heart surgery so this is not a problem for what you are doing.
      May 5 is fine. Pisces Moon rules the feet so again not a problem for what you are doing.
      (Moon in Cancer is the one sign to avoid for breast surgery.)
      Both dates are far enough from a full Moon to avoid swelling and complications.
      So go with the date that works best in your schedule.
      Good luck,

  34. I have a prophylactic hysterectomy scheduled on June 10th. I don’t really have the ability to chose a date as things have been closed so long due to COVID and I’ve been waiting for over a year. This is the date I was given and really can’t change it due to a high cancer risk.

    • Dear Tamara,
      In your favor:
      1. June 10 2021 is a new Moon, so it’s as far from the full Moon as possible! The whole idea is to AVOID THE FULL MOON to avoid swelling and complications.
      2. Also good is that the Moon is in Gemini. The one Moon sign to avoid for surgery on sex organs (hysterectomy) is when the Moon is in Scorpio.
      This new Moon is an eclipse, but don’t worry about that since your surgery is time sensitive and you need to get in right away.
      So yes, you will be OK.

  35. Will it be okay to have surgery on that day! It will be a mid-morning surgery. Thanks

  36. Just been dx with myopathy and neuropathy and started first FIVE hospital IVIG treatments, (Plasma with good antibodies to try and get my body in remission so will stop attacking myself.) Definitely I have an autoimmune disease and heading toward wheelchair if doesn’t work. I had side effects after last infusion for another five days, headaches, high blood pressure, malaise, but this seems to be my only hope for remission. Will be taking 2x every month as outpatient from here on out for 6 months and then will reevaluate.

    Best time For to schedule receiving plasma (which is 90% water) so I know to avoid the full moon. I am Capricorn. Thank you.

    • Dear Rebecca,
      Do NOT be on a monthly schedule to get plasma on the full Moon!
      Get on a monthly schedule to receive plasma on the new Moon, or during the 10 days after the new Moon.
      Then plasma is done during the waxing Moon to add to the body.
      And you avoid the few days before the full Moon.
      Good luck,

  37. Hello, I’m getting sliding genioplasty, which is cosmetic. It’s when the chin bone is cut then the piece of bone is advanced and placed to make the chin appear larger. I may also be getting chin liposuction, but the genioplasty is the most important. I was thinking of either July 8th, July 15th or July 16th because it has to be in July. I’m not sure if this procedure would be considered adding or removing since it’s my bone.

    • Thank you for your interest in astrology and surgery.
      July 8 2021 is the best date. It is the eve of the new Moon in Cancer on July 9, and the whole idea is to avoid the full Moon to avoid swelling and complications. The new Moon is as far as possible from the full Moon. And this last day of the waning Moon is good to get out fat with liposuction.
      July 15 and 16 are also good with Moon in Libra, and still far enough from the full Moon. But that’s during the waxing Moon to add to the body. Fine for the chin but not the best for the liposuction.
      So take July 8.
      Good luck,

  38. I’m having hysterectomy on august 6 is a good day please advise

    • Dear Alicia,
      Aug 6 2021 is an excellent day for your hysterectomy.
      It is during the waning Moon to remove from the body, and the Moon is not in Scorpio.
      Good luck with your surgery.

  39. Hi Susan – Thank you so much for this very informative site.
    I have a question for you.
    Would you also look at the natal chart to see harsh aspects to the ascendant and health house?
    Also if having a heart cauterization would one avoid the moon in Aries? I have read in a couple of sites that Aries rules the arteries. Is that true?
    I recently cancelled a heart cauterization ( scheduled on July 2,2021 because my ascendant is 12 degrees of Scorpio.
    Saturn -Uranus and Mars T square all at 12 degrees….putting my Scorpio Sun Moon Mercury &Asc on the 4 th house. That grand square worried me enough to cancel the procedure.

    • Dear Luci,
      To answer your questions:
      Yes, I can look at the natal chart to see what are the aspects at the time of a surgery, and all aspects not just to the Ascendant and certain houses.
      Heart surgery is not advised when the Moon is in LEO that rules the heart.
      (ARIES Moon is not good for surgery on the head. I’ve never heard of Aries ruling arteries.)
      July 2 2021 would have been fine for your surgery during a waning half Moon in Aries.

  40. Hello Susan,

    Thank you for such an informative article. My father is going to have heart surgery in a few days (Feb 14th), and I wanted to ask:

    How bad is it to have heart surgery (stent) when moon is in Leo, 2 days before full moon?

    He is decently healthy besides blocked arteries – is the date of the surgery something to really be concerned about?


    My father will have a heart stent put in, he has chest pains when doing semi-difficult physical activity (angina), and has arterial blockage (atherosclerosis). The stent will correct the blood flow blockage in the blocked arteries.

    I’m a bit worried that his heart surgery is in Leo (which supposedly is the worst sign for a heart surgery, and should be avoided), and about the proximity to the full moon.

    The surgery has a 1-2% risk of getting a blood clot / heart-attack / stroke during the procedure.

    Most people are telling me this is a routine surgery, and not to worry about it, but just wondering if I should take the astrology into consideration, or whether it won’t matter much.

    I can link to a natal chart of my father in case that might help provide further insight.

    Should I really press my father to reschedule the surgery to a different date? Or is it not that big of a deal?

    • Dear Luke,
      For your father’s medical procedure, I agree that the Moon so close to the full Moon is not recommended, nor is the Leo Moon recommended for heart surgery.
      (But better than Feb 15 the eve of the full Moon, and the worst date is the full Moon on Feb 16. Feb 17 is also bad.)
      Yes this is a big deal, and we can work together to find better dates for your father’s surgery.
      But it depends on how sick is your father. If he needs medical attention as soon as possible you might not be able to reschedule, or he might not agree with you about astrology and not want to reschedule.
      Personally, I would reschedule. Send me an email at if you want to find other dates for your father. Sorry to give you not the best news about this.

  41. Hi Susan,

    Great site!!!

    I have a dental implant scheduled on March 14th 2022, I believe the full moon takes place on the 18th.. is this too close in your opinion?

    Also, as a beginner in learning all this related info… what tools can you recommend such as books etc to begin learning more?

    many thanks!


    • Dear Elaine,
      You made it by THE SKIN OF YOUR TEETH!
      The Leo Moon on Monday Mar 14 is just far enough from the full Moon in Virgo on Friday.
      Fortunately, this is during the waxing Moon to add to your body, and you are adding a tooth.
      (The waning Moon is better to remove from the body, like a tumor.)
      And the Moon is not in Aries nor Capricorn, the two Moon signs to avoid for anything dental.
      Nice to have all your teeth for Tiger year!
      To learn, start with my book Taoist Astrology:
      Then do your birth chart or astrology forecast with me.
      We’ll do it as a lesson. Info at:
      Good luck with your new tooth,

  42. I am getting a surgery on my deviated septum. It’s a routine procedure from what I understand. The only date they had was April 14th, which is two days before a full moon. I don’t have an option unless I want to delay it again and again. I do understand about the full moon energy for swelling and bruising but what if there aren’t many other options?

    • Dear Tamara,
      Yes, Apr 14 is two days before the full Moon.
      But at least it’s not day of the full Moon nor the day before the full Moon.
      Allow yourself more time to heal and for the swelling to go down.
      It will break and start to go down much more after the full Moon.
      So rest and take extra care that weekend.
      Start to seriously heal on Mon Apr i8, and take off that entire week.
      Do not jump out of bed too soon, especially in spring of Tiger year when people can be impatient.

      If you reschedule, email me at and we will find dates for May, June, and/or July.
      The fee is $80 and info is at

  43. Just doesn’t seem fair like life is deliberately trying to cause you problems when it knows you don’t have a choice. I’m having an umbilical hernia repair on May 6th with the moon in cancer, which rules the abdomen. Not sure if its considered taking out or putting back in. I know the worst day for abdominal surgery, but I don’t have a choice. My surgeon can only do surgery on the 5th and 6th both ruled by cancer. I can’t have it any earlier because I have to be on antibiotics before, and I would then have to wait till the following week of the 12th, 13th ruled by Libra, a bit better but I can’t wait that long as I am already having issues. Seems so unfair when life knows you don’t have a choice. Its not major surgery, just an out patient procedure.

    • Dear Jeanette,
      Cancer does not rule the abdomen. Virgo rules the abdomen.
      So the Cancer Moon on May 6 is not a problem for umbilical hernia repair.
      (Cancer rules the breasts, so avoid breast surgery during the Cancer Moon.)

      • Oh my. according to the moon calendar on another website, they list cancer a ruling the stomach, mucosa, breast, womb ovary.

        I’ve been worrying myself sick as I already have stage 4 breast cancer and the last thing I needed was complications from surgery. Thank you sooo very much for putting my mind at ease and responding so quickly. Your an angel.

        • Dear Jeanette,
          Cancer rules the breasts, Virgo rules the stomach, and womb/ovary is ruled by Scorpio.
          You are safe on May 6 because it is far enough from the full Moon on May 15.
          Most important is to AVOID THE FULL MOON, and the three days before and the two days after the full Moon, to avoid swelling and complications.
          Stay strong,

  44. Just a quick comment about why I believe soo strongly in the moon sign phases. Back in April 12th 2019 , I had a breast biopsy. I didn’t know about the moon surgery dates which affect certain parts of your body. So when I checked what the ruling sign was after it was over because of the complications, it was Cancer. It was supposed to be a simple biopsy. Instead the doctor didn’t hold pressure after he pulled the needle out. I started bleeding internally. They took me to recovery where the nurse had to hold pressure equal to her size to stop the bleeding. She said I was very close to being wheeled to general surgery. Afterwards my left breast was solid black down to my rib cage from all the pooled blood and I was in a lot of pain. Since then I have made sure I paid attention to the moon ruling signs. When they scheduled my Hysterectomy I made sure to avoid Scorpio and Virgo, and for safe measure Cancer. The surgery went unusually well with minimal bleeding. This stuff is real ppl.

  45. Hi Susan,
    Love your amazing site and you have beautiful energy!
    I am curious the best surgery date for my son (16) who will be having a piece of bone taken out of hip and placed in a space in the tibia bone in leg. Then, they will be adding a fixator (titanium pins and rods) going into his foot to grow bone back that is missing. They wanted to schedule surgery on the full moon and I said no thank you. 🙂 we are looking at surgery dates for August/September possibly August 30th or September 22? Or any date that will be best for the most successful surgery. Blessing to you

    • Dear April,
      Thank you for your kind words. And great that you said no to surgery on a full Moon!
      I can research a date for your son’s surgery on Aug 30, Sept 22, or another date.
      1. Let know your son’s birth date, place, and time.
      2. Where will the surgery take place? I need the location for the time zone.
      3. Is this surgery done Mon – Fri, or only a few days of the week such as Tues and Thurs?
      4. For surgery date research, there is an $80 fee for Event Astrology that can be paid online at

  46. My husband needs knee surgery in September of 2022. What day would be best for the surgery? He is an Aquarius and born in 1953.

    • Dear Debi,
      Thank you for your interest in astrology and surgery.
      Concerning your husband’s knee surgery:

      1. What is the exact nature of his surgery?
      Is he adding to the body such as a knee replacement, or removing from the body such as removing a growth?

      2. Let me know his birth date, place, and time.

      3. Let me know the location where the surgery will take place.
      I need this info for the time zone.

      4. Is the window of time to have his surgery only in Sept? Or can he also consider August?

      5. If this surgery is done only on specific days such as only on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
      I don’t want to find a good date, but then surgery is not done on that day.

      The $80 fee can be paid online under the Event Astrology heading at
      And please reply with this info to my email address

  47. Dear Susan,
    After much research taking into consideration Mercury Retrogade, Mars Retrogade, Moon out of course, phase of the moon, Sign ruler of the body part, type of intervention PLUS my personal agenda I got to the final date of 13.02.23. Is this a good date to schedule my phynoplasty in Istanbul? I do see: moon opposing uranus and moon squaring saturn at least the hour I simulated. Thank you so much for your post and time!

    • Dear Joana,
      Great that you are doing astrological research and figured this out!
      Yes, Feb 13 2023 is a good date for your rhinoplasty in Istanbul.

      Yes, the Moon is opposite Uranus and squares Saturn.
      But the Moon also trines Neptune that day, and sextiles Pluto.

      If you want more details about this date for you, there is an $80 Event Astrology fee.
      Info is at
      Or we can do a private astrology lesson.

      But you don’t really need that because you figured out a good surgery date on your own.
      Keep learning! Follow my lunar updates at


  48. Hi Susan,

    I am planning on adding a custom jawline implant to my face in order to square out my jawline, and my time frame for the operation is this coming summer between 6/8/23 and 8/10/23. The surgeon only operates on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so my options are very limited. How important is it that the Moon be waxing as opposed to waning for implant surgery? What if all other factors are perfect, but the Moon happens to be waning? I am asking because I would need to potentially wait an entire extra year before getting surgery in summer 2024 if it matters that much. I am a graduate student, so summers are really the only time that works for me. I am also already in my mid 30’s, and I have been dreaming of this surgery for years (finally have the finances), so I am anxious to get it done asap.

    Thank you,

    • Dear John,
      The waxing Moon phase if preferable to add to the body.
      The waning Moon phase is preferable to remove from the body.
      Be sure to schedule your jawline implant during the waxing Moon because you are adding to your body.
      So factors are not perfect if the moon is waning.

      The waxing Moon is your priority, along with avoid the full Moon, and the 3 days before and the 2 days after the full Moon to avoid swelling, bruising, and complications.
      And not when the Moon is in Aries that rules the head. And for this procedure, also avoid Moon in Taurus that rules the throat.

      If you don’t know how figure out your dates, Event Astrology is $90 and can be paid online at

      If you are looking for good surgery dates over a longer period of time, we can do your six months or one year forecast.
      Then I can look for good waning Moon surgery dates since this is elective surgery.
      Info about scheduling your forecast for 2023 is under the Astrology Forecasts heading at
      Good luck,

  49. I need to schedule surgery on my neck to remove two herniated disks and replace with titanium spacers and cadaver. What are the best dates to consider this procedure in the months of April, May, and June?

    • Dear Susan,
      For your neck surgery in April, May, or June I will need more information:

      1. Where will the surgery take place? I need the location to know the time zone.

      2. Is this surgery available Mon – Fri or just on certain days of the week?
      I don’t want to find a good date, but then surgery is not done on that day.

      3. What is your birth date, place, and time?
      I will research your transits to your natal chart during these three months to be sure that there are not challenges that could influence the outcome of your surgery.
      And I’ll cast a bi-wheel chart for the surgery day to get details.

      The fee is $90 to do the research, and can be paid online under the Event Astrology heading at

      2023 Water Rabbit year if the ideal time for surgery and healing.
      Info is at

  50. Thank you for sharing this information. It’s much appreciated. I have a hysteroscopy and fibroid/polyp removal on May 5th. I just realized it’s the lunar eclipse in Scorpio. My procedure was originally scheduled for April 19th but was delayed due to complications with the previous surgery. The next available date is May 5th. Would it be best to try and reschedule?

    Thank you

    • Dear Ginny,
      Yes, the full moon eclipse in Scorpio on May 5 is the least favorable day of the entire year!
      Reschedule starting Mon May 8 – 18 during the waning moon.
      Note Mercury retrograde Apr 21 – May 14.

  51. Hi Susan! I am planning to have a breast reduction. Would you say I should have it during the waning moon? I greatly appreciate any advice you can give to make the surgery and recovery go smoothly. Thanks so much!

    • Dear Jodi,
      Yes, for breast reduction you want the waning moon because you are removing from the body.
      The waxing moon is better for adding to the body.

      And not when the Moon is in Cancer because Cancer rules the breasts. The Moon is in a sign for 2 and 1/2 to 3 days each month.

      But there are other factors to determine a safe surgery date, such as transits to your birth chart.
      I can research to find your best surgery date.
      Info is at

  52. I was recently laid off and have a cosmetic surgery scheduled for Nov. 9th; I am nervous about the placements for this surgery as it is to fix acne scars on my face–November 9th has a moon in Libra but the chart I pulled will have an Aquarius rising with Pisces in Saturn square Mercury. Maybe I am overthinking this, but should I reschedule for a more optimal time for this type of surgery?

    • Dear Lucy,
      I understand why you selected Nov 9.
      Nov 9 is good that it is during the waning moon that is better for removing from the body.
      (The waxing Moon phase is better for adding to the body.)
      And that the Moon is in Libra, a sign ruled by Venus so is good for anything cosmetic.

      I can do the astrological research for your optimal surgery dates, including your transits and bi-wheel.
      Then I will know about any squares in your chart. The fee is $90.

      I’ll need some info from you. Questions to answer are at:

  53. I was just scheduled to have a hysterectomy on Nov 27/23 its a full moon in Scorpio so not feeling very comfortable about that! My dob is April 12/61 so an Aries with Libra ascendant but moon in Pisces. I am trying to see if I can get it changed to the waning moon first week of December but it’s still a Scorpio moon – still nervous about it.

    • Dear Kim,
      A big no for Nov 27/23 surgery because it is the full moon!
      The full moon is the absolute worst day of the month for surgery.

      And it’s the Monday after a big holiday weekend.
      Definitely reschedule.

      BTW on Nov 27 the full moon is in Gemini, not Scorpio.
      You might be thinking of the Nov 13 new moon in Scorpio.

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