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Friday July 1 is a partial solar eclipse at 1:38 AM PDT. This eclipse is the last of three summer eclipses on June 1, June 15, and now July 1. An eclipse is an absence of light when the “shadow” is seen, meaning that hidden information or unconscious behavior can be exposed. Eclipses can be opportunities to understand what forwards your growth, or what just needs to be released. Gently let go with kindness, generosity, and compassion because this new Moon eclipse is in the caring, adaptive, and deeply sensitive Water sign CANCER, the sign of the mother, nurturer, and healer.

In astrology, CANCER represents the fourth house, the house of family, motherhood, and home. This lunar cycle is time to focus on family ties and on those you love. This summer of gentle Hare year 2011 is the perfect season to enjoy family and friends, share summer foods, and appreciate art and creativity. Under CANCER’s homey influence, it’s also time to balance your personal environment. Life can be more harmonious for everyone, especially the Water signs CANCER, SCORPIO, and PISCES.

Happy new Moon!

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