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Earth DOG Month in Metal HARE Year

Tuesday September 27 is a New MOON in the peaceful Air sign LIBRA. LIBRA rules the 7th house of astrology, the house of marriage and partnerships. SUN, MOON, MERCURY, VENUS, and SATURN are all in LIBRA, making this an excellent time to celebrate the loved ones in your life. Don’t wait for a special occasion — the occasion is now!

This new MOON starts the month of the Earth DOG in HARE year 2011. DOG is the Taoist sign of loyalty, honesty, and integrity. DOG is concerned with what is fair, right, and true. DOG and HARE are very compatible signs so luck is with you to create harmony with your family, friends, colleagues, and charmed circle of those you love and care about most. Maintain this as a focus for the duration of HARE year in preparation for DRAGON year 2012 when you will appreciate a reliable support system.

Opportunity is strongest for the Air signs LIBRA, AQUARIUS, and GEMINI and those born in DOG, TIGER, and HORSE years. But opportunity is with everyone to find peace, balance, and harmony in this DOG month.

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