Chinese Hire Capricorn, Pisces & Libra

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Here’s an interesting astrology article in The Telegraph about how Chinese job managers now use Western astrology to select good employees. In Chinese astrology, the best two signs to hire are an Ox and a Dog, in that order.

I agree with the Chinese managers that it is best to hire Capricorn, Pisces, and Libra — and I don’t agree just because I’m a Pisces! Libra & Pisces are lovely, ruled by Venus and Neptune respectively. Of course hire the cardinal Earth sign Capricorn, who correlates to hard-working diligent Ox. Dog correlates to fair-minded Libra. Pisces is diplomatic Hare (Rabbit, Cat).

China job ads discriminate against Scorpio and Virgo

Chinese managers have placed job advertisements that tell people born under   certain zodiac signs not to apply.

By Our Foreign Staff

10:55AM GMT 25 Nov 2011

 A Chinese firm has decided Scorpios and Virgos are too moody and critical, telling job seekers with those star signs they need not apply. Capricorns, Pisces and Libras, on the other hand, are welcome.

The unusual requirements are part of a job ad posted at a university in the central city of Wuhuan by an English language training company, and have generated a storm of online controversy since they were uncovered this week.

“We don’t want Scorpios or Virgos, and Capricorns, Pisces and Libras will be prioritised,” the job spec reads, according to the Chutian Metropolis Daily, a local newspaper in Wuhan.

The report quoted a woman in charge at the unnamed firm as saying she had done research and found Scorpios had strong personalities and were moody, while Virgos were hugely critical and did not stay in one job for long.

“I hired people with those two star signs before, and they either liked quarrelling with colleagues or they could not do the job for long,” the woman, surnamed Xia, said.

A student called Qi Qin, whose star sign is Cancer, applied for a job with a wedding company two months ago, but was sacked because “Aquarius and Scorpios are more suited to the job,” the report said.

“Qi Qin pointed out that her star sign was not something she could decide,” it added.

The story has gone viral on the Internet, with commentators ridiculing what they say is blatant employment discrimination.

“So now they look at your star sign when you apply for a job. I’m a Scorpio, so I’m doomed to go beg on the streets with a bag,” one person said on Sina’s popular Twitter-like weibo service.

“I’m a gorgeous Leo, so do I stand more of a chance in applying for leadership positions?” another wrote.

This is not the first time that unusual job requirements have sparked controversy in China.

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