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Friday the 13th is a very fortunate day that brings opportunities for
inspiration, action, and change. Like April 1, April 13 is a
powerful triple Dragon day when luck is increased threefold: a
Dragon day, in Dragon month, during Dragon year 2012.

Luck is even stronger than on April 1 because Mercury is no longer
retrograde since April 4 for clear communications. And the fiery red
planet Mars is no longer retrograde as of April 13 for successful

Ride the wave of energy during this Dragon year peak because there
won’t be another Dragon day like this for twelve years. Luck for
innovation, success, good fortune, and new doors opening is for all,
especially those born in Dragon, Rat, and Monkey years.

Happy Dragons,



  1. What about a baby born on this day? My daughter’s mother-in-law is so excited that a son will be born in the year of the Dragon (she is Korean) but the Triple Dragon Day seems beyond her wildest dreams! It just so happens that my grandson WILL be born either today or tomorrow. Does this designation have a special meaning to a birth?

    • Congratulations on the birth of your grandson! Born today 4/12/12/ double Dragon; Dragon month, Dragon year, Hare day. Born tomorrow Fri 13th triple Dragon. Born Sat 4/14 double Dragon on Serpent day.

      Yes, this is all very special. Dragon is the most powerful sign of the Chinese zodiac. Draco info at

      Note the hour of birth. The hours of the Dragon are 7 AM – 9 AM adding more Dragon. Months and hours info is at

  2. I think I’m a triple dragon. Month, year, and time!

    • Yes, you could be a triple Dragon!
      Born in Dragon year, and Dragon month that is April and a bit into May, plus the hours of the Dragon that are 7 AM to 9 AM.
      Very powerful. This is your year!

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