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Astrology calendars & entrance to recent  Mayan discovery!

Astrology calendars & entrance to recent Mayan discovery!

In May of 2012, archeologist William Saturno discovered ancient murals in Xultun, Guatamala that indicate the Mayans did not plan for the world to end on 12/21/12. Follow this link to a National Geographic video about Saturno’s most recent and amazing discovery:

Love that his name is SATURNo!

So no doomsday on 12/21/2012. This day will go by just like 1984, 2000, and Y2K. 2012 is a Dragon year, and in the last Dragon year 2000 people had similar fears.

Even without Saturno’s recent discovery, the Mayan calendar did not end on Winter Solstice 2012; there is another cycle in the Mayan astrological system. It’s based on the number two and is a smaller minor cycle of cooperation and partnership. That challenge will be people polarized between the haves and have-nots, and how to balance that split of stuffed or starved.

But a new age is predicted on 12/21/2012 by many indigenous cultures including the Mayan Indians, the Aztec Indians, and the Peruvian Q’ero Indians. The Sun on this Winter Solstice day will be in alignment with the center of the Milky Way (between Scorpio and Sagittarius). To the Mayans, this place in space was a womb of creation, the mother’s milk of the Milky Way. The Solstice Sun aligns with this galactic center every 26,000 years.

This date also marks the end of the 2,000-year Piscean age and beginning of the age of Aquarius. We’re in a new world of technology, jet travel, globalization, and the internet. Old institutions end as new generations use the electronic tools of the Aquarian age. The world becomes Aquarian, multicultural, a global village.

In Vedic astrology, this is the end of the Kali yuga, the age of iron. The Mayan Indian cycle age began in 3114 BC and ends now. The Kali yuga began 5,125 years ago and ends now. So both cultures foresee another end and another beginning as we all swim together through this sea of life.

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