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Happy 75th birthday Golden Gate Bridge! This part of our world is symbolized by a beautiful Art Deco masterpiece that separates the vast wide ocean from the quiet gentle bay. Construction began January 5 1933, the end of Monkey year, and completed May 27 1937 in the spring of Ox year. 1937 was the year of the FIRE Ox. Golden Gate Bridge is painted a very fiery orange vermillion color “International Orange.”

Bridges are a symbol of transition. They can represent a transitional period in your life when you will be moving on to a new stage. If the bridge is over water, then it suggests that your transition will be an emotional one because Water symbolizes the emotional realm.

Golden Gate Bridge construction began on January 5th, a New Year project, but in Chinese astrology it was still the year of the Water Monkey 1932. A Water year is lucky for a project involving water, and Monkey is clever enough to make it work. This Water Dragon 2012 is a Water year, as is next year 2013 Water Serpent. Feng shui tips for a Water year are at https://www.susanlevitt.com/fengshui-tips.html

The Golden Gate Bridge opening day May 27 1937 was during the month of Gemini, an Air sign ruled by Mercury and fortunate for travel. Golden Gate Bridge is the world’s most photographed bridge, and the world’s most photographed object. And with the steady Ox influence, this bridge is here to stay. Happy 75th birthday!

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