New Moon in Aquarius Begins the Year of the Water Snake 2013

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The new Moon on Feb 9 at 11:20 pm PST (but listed as Feb 10 in many calendars) begins the year of the Water Snake. Chinese New Year is a spring festival that begins on the second new Moon after Winter Solstice, with the Sun and Moon in Aquarius. This new Moon also begins the month of the Wood Tiger so energy is still strong and lively as Snake year begins, but far less intense than Dragon year 2012.

On this new Moon, the planets Mercury, Mars, and Neptune are all in the spiritual Water sign Pisces, a time for mysticism, spirituality, and meditation — perfect for the Water Snake! Snake is a spiritual sign of wisdom, so what is of value this year are deep experiences and breakthroughs. Time to shed your old skin with transformation and guidance from astrology, tarot, and other forms of divination, massage, therapy, acupuncture, feng shui, herbs, and alternative healing. During this sensitive year of the Water Snake, rewards are found in the inner world of spirit not the outer world of money and material things.

In Chinese astrology, the Snake is not evil or bad. Snakes are respected as magical creatures because a Snake sheds its skin to be reborn. As Snake crawls on the Earth with strength and fluidity, she is connected to Earth and the powers of healing. The venom of this mysterious power animal can cause death. Therefore, this mystical Snake year is time for powerful rebirth and transformation in all areas of your life.

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Chinese Signs:

Rat: Rats are smart, sharp, and clever. Snake is also smart, sharp, and clever making this a very favorable year for you. If you were successful in Dragon year 2012 your good fortune will continue in this Snake year. If you did not achieve all you wanted to, now is your time to succeed. Just be patient, bide your time, and organize.

Ox: You start a new lucky life cycle in 2013. Finally your hard work is rewarded! This is your year to cultivate a spiritual practice. Yoga, tai chi, and other forms of moving meditation are ideal for you. Snake is your best friend, along with Phoenix (Rooster) so the general tone of this year matches your values.

Tiger: Tiger and Snake are very different. You Tiger are strong, active, and yang whereas as Snake is passive, receptive, and yin. You want to act, express, and do whereas Snake is content to coil up, contemplate, and seek answers within. So slow down and do not lose your temper. Your lucky year will be Horse 2014.

Hare: Hare and Snake are very artistic. Luck is with you to cultivate beauty and heal. Right away you’ll feel better because Snake year brings much calmer energy after the stressful chaos of Dragon year 2012. The slower pace of this Snake year is reassuring for a gentle and peaceful soul like you.

Dragon: Your good fortune continues from Dragon year 2012. Just move more slowly in 2013. If you made a big change in your life last year, then this Snake year is the time to build on your new foundation. If you were unable to make a change in Dragon year 2012, you still have time in Snake year to shed your skin and transform.

Snake: You start a new twelve-year life cycle. Now is an opportune year for change, growth, and transformation on many levels. The energy of this Snake year matches your steady, wise, and unhurried pace. The meditative, contemplative focus of a Snake year is even stronger now because 2013 is a Water Snake year.

Horse: Snake and Horse do not share the same values and are quite different. You Horse are a yang astrology sign who is direct, honest, and brave. Yin Snake is reflective, quiet, and prefers to stew over problems. You seek action, adventure, and excitement, unlike the Snake. So slow down and make plans for your lucky year Horse 2014.

Sheep: An excellent year for Sheep! You are social, comfortable, and have a new attitude. You sensitive Sheep will feel the difference at Chinese New Year when Snake year begins. Your life will be far less stressful, you are not rushed, and your kindness is appreciated. This Snake year starts a three-year lucky life cycle for Sheep.

Monkey: Monkey and Snake are allies, but this year you’re not always in synch. Snake is fine with no movement at all, whereas you Monkey thrive on change and variety. If Dragon year 2012 ended in success for you, then maintain what you accomplished. If events did not go your way, learn from your mistakes and start again.

Phoenix (Rooster): Snake year is a superb time when your dreams can come true! Good luck comes your way because you are prepared and hard working. In 2013 your luck accelerates in springtime and Snake year ends in a beautiful rebirth and transformation for you. So plan well and anticipate good fortune in Snake year 2013.

Dog: Snake begins with good fortune for you Dog, and all months this year are very fortunate except April. You won’t feel under too much pressure, and can recover from any difficulties you may have experienced in Dragon year 2012. The Water Snake’s easy flow of energy offers you security and stability.

Pig: Snake is your opposite so this is not considered to be your lucky year. Go slowly and don’t make big plans or big changes. OK to dream and plan, but avoid big life events such as moving home, marriage, having a child, or changing career. And don’t be the fall guy or gullible victim of a Snake year intrigue.

Western Signs:

Aries: Events occur slowly in a Snake year. But you fiery Aries were born ready to go! So learn to slow down and be patient, especially with children and family members. Use your dynamic energy to fix, repair, and redo. Then you can be active while allowing others to move at their own pace.

Taurus: Snake year is lucky for you, gentle Bull, because Snake correlates to the western sign Taurus. Both Snake and Taurus love art and beauty. This year is ideal to enjoy museums, art galleries, and creative expression of all kinds. Snake is slow and steady, just like you.

Gemini: You Gemini are smart, fast, mercurial, and curious. But Snake is none of these things. So slow down and resist the urge to tell others what to do. Use your bright mind to develop plans for Horse year 2014 which will be your lucky year because Horse correlates to the western sign Gemini.

Cancer: You are very sensitive and intuitive, just like the Water Snake. You will enjoy this Snake year when you can have plenty of time to relax and unwind. Focus on repairing or redecorating your home this year while under the influence of the artist Snake.

Leo: You mighty Leo love to roar, and you thrive in the spotlight. But introverted and cautious Snake is not like that. So learn to hold your tongue when you want to tell others exactly what’s on your mind. Events occur quietly behind the scenes so listen before acting.

Virgo: Analytical and practical Virgo shares these fine traits with the Snake. You’ll benefit from planning, organizing, and paying attention to the details — and details are Virgo’s specialty. You can enjoy success in this Snake year when others are on your wavelength.

Libra: Snake year will be fine for you as long as you stay balanced and truthful. But spend a little more time developing relationships instead of falling in love too fast! Allow time for events to unfold. Then you won’t be duped or tricked by others because honesty is not always a priority in a Snake year.

Scorpio: Snake year is a time when secrets are revealed, and you Scorpio will love that! Events can be a bit clandestine, and you are psychic and intuitive enough to figure out what is happening and why. You will find this Water Snake year to your liking.

Sagittarius: You are a speaker of truth, but Snake does not easily reveal what she is thinking or feeling. So know that this is not the year for whistle blowing or exposing others. But like the Snake, when the time is right you can hit the target and not miss.

Capricorn: Stable and steady Capricorn appreciates the energy of a Snake year. Events slow down, people are more cautious, and you have time to plan a structure, especially in your career. Just be more aware that others can be sneaky or snaky so take care.

Aquarius: Snake loves to learn, and the more esoteric the better. That suits you just fine, so delve into all the mysterious topics that interest you. Take your time to digest new information. Knowledge and wisdom are your rewards.

Pisces: You sweet fish Pisces will enjoy the calming influence that Snake year brings, especially after the intense energy of Dragon year 2012. Take care of yourself and enjoy a holiday near a body of water to refresh your soul.

Happy New Moon and happy New Year,


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