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After posting the easy feng shui tip about focusing on the Knowledge corner in this Snake year, I received an email from a woman who recently moved into a yurt in the woods near Santa Cruz, California. A yurt is a round tent-like structure with a single round room so there are no corners. But the ba gua (eight tri-grams) map still applies to make her yurt home a place of harmony and renewal.

I advised that if she feels lacking in any corner, a solution is to add landscaping in that area to fill out the corner. Make sure to use plants that are lush and healthy. Best are plants that do not lose their leaves in winter; an evergreen is ideal. If she does not have a green thumb, she could add a lovely statue or other nice embellishment. Just be sure that the statue or sculpture is soft, round, and beautiful not sharp or made of old rusty parts. Or she could add a light, but it must always be in good working order.


This feng shui solution applies to any building that is missing an area of the ba gua. Add greenery to fill in the empty space, or find another way to create life, vitality, and movement in that area. Fountains are perfect in a wealth corner — but not if you live in a cold and damp climate that does not need more water. And fountains must be maintained so be sure you are up for the task.

The woman also wrote that she had to pare down to live in her yurt so she will definitely clear out items that no longer serve her. In a small space, she needs to be very aware of no clutter. And she looks forward to creating better placement for those things that she needs, or loves, and decided to keep.

So if a woman can live well in a yurt, you have no excuse to not clear your clutter now in Snake year!

Good luck!


  1. I love this article and I will be sharing it with all my friends who are building hexayurts for Burning Man.

  2. I wonder, why not use the BaGua Octagon instead of the square? Then there are just some little areas to work on.

    • Dear Nicolien,
      Square or rectangle, there are still the missing areas to work on and balance.
      Good luck.

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