New Moon in Pisces, Hare Month, and Spring Equinox

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Monday March 11 at 12:51 pm PDT is a new Moon in the spiritual Water sign Pisces. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Neptune are all in Pisces — and that’s a lot of Pisces! Now is the time to follow your intuition, trust what you feel, and be open to new inspiration from your creative imagination. A new Moon is a time for a new beginning making this highly sensitive Pisces new Moon ideal for a spiritual retreat, creative project, or experiences that allow nurturing energy to flow through you.

But so much sensitivity can be challenging of you’re overwhelmed by small matters, or if increased empathy has you feeling like a psychic sponge picking up on the moods of others. This could be a confusing time, especially with Mercury still retrograde in Pisces. Please feel free to call me at 415.642.8019 or send an email to for guidance with a private tarot card reading or astrology forecast. I understand Piscean energy because I am a Pisces.


This new Moon begins the month of the Wood Hare. Under Hare’s influence, kindness is more important than material gain. Hare qualities are diplomacy, gentleness, and appreciation of art and beauty. Developing beauty can be easier because this new Moon blends with the planet Venus to bring an easy flow of love, art, and creativity. Time for some feng shui adjustments this month to enhance the beauty of your home because home and personal sanctuary are very important to sensitive Hare. The element Wood is perfect for growth, change, and transformation in springtime.


Equal day and equal night
First the dark and then the light.

Wednesday March 20 at 4:02 am PDT is Spring Equinox, the time of equal day and equal night. Spring officially arrives on this day when the Sun enters the Fire sign Aries to being the new astrological year.

Happy new Moon,


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