That Voudou That You Do

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Legba = Mercury

This morning at 7 am I received a telephone call from a man in Croatia. He said he found my web site online and asked if I do Voudou. I told him that I was familiar with Voudou and the religions of the African diaspora; Voudou in Haiti, Santeria in the Caribbean, and Condoble and Macumba in Brazil but that I would not do a Voudou spell for him as a service. But I could assist him with a tarot card reading for clarity about how to take care of himself and make choices if he thought that he needs protection from Voudou.

He sounded panicked and told me that money was no object and that he had $120,000 dollars. I said my fee for a tarot reading is $125, not $120,000, and repeated that I am not available to do a Voudou spell for him. I asked if he was calling from Zagreb. “Zagreb?” his energy lifted immediately. “Have you been to Zagreb?” I have not, but my books are published in Croat. He then started a fit of coughing and managed to croak out, “I smoke too much.” I said he would feel less stressed right away if he stopped smoking, but I understand because many Europeans smoke.

Then I heard a commotion in the background as he told me to hang on just one minute, which became a few minutes of me hearing arguments. So I hung up the phone. I hope he can work out his issues and find peace, but I’m not a hexer for hire.

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