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15devilEvery morning I select a tarot card for my day. I post it on Facebook and Twitter (#tarot_tweet) to share my card and inspire others to start picking their daily tarot card too. Or they can just follow along with my card.

My tarot card today is THE DEVIL #15. It means confusion, deceit, and wool over the eyes — especially on this Sheep day. THE DEVIL is also a Saturn card of time; taking more time, needing more time. It’s of the element Earth and astrology sign Capricorn.

A woman replied to my Facebook post and asked for more info on The Devil, and wondered if it’s an auspicious card. I told her that The Devil indicates ignorance and confusion that needs to be dispersed. It’s a heads up to be aware of deceit. Something is amiss an requires closer scrutiny. Time to examine the situation and focus on clearing out the puzzling energy.

But this energy can take many forms: lying, deceit, adultery, stealing, and money/career salary issues because of the Capricorn influence and Capricorn ruling the 10th house of career. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn (Chronos) Old Father time so this is not a fast fix.

An Earth-plane solution to do something right away about THE DEVIL is to clean up and create good feng shui! So THE DEVIL is can be auspicious if it inspires action to get clear, but THE DEVIL is generally not considered a lucky card in tarot.

swords7Getting THE DEVIL today probably means I am being plagiarized. I get 7 SWORDS for that too. When you get THE DEVIL in a tarot reading you probably aren’t being plagiarized, but THE DEVIL takes many forms so discover what form that might be for you.

If you are learning tarot, by following one card a day you will soon learn the whole deck! Research the cards you find most interesting. Check out my book Introduction to Tarot or if you do not have tarot cards, then purchase my The Complete Tarot Kit that contains two tarot decks.

Devil be damned and good luck!

Introduction To Tarot, my book in The Complete Tarot Kit.

Introduction To Tarot, my book in The Complete Tarot Kit.

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