Aug 5 – Aug 11, 2013 The Week in Chinese Astrology

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14643996-a-vector-illustration-of-chinese-zodiac-signsHighlights are a new Moon on Tuesday that begins the month of the Metal Monkey, an insightful double Snake Wednesday, and an inspirational double Monkey Saturday!

Mon Aug 5 – A gentle Water Rabbit day to allow energy to wind down on the final day of this lunar cycle that ends the month of the Sheep. Rabbit and Sheep are best friends along with kind Pig. Slow down to take care of yourself & others. A sensitive Water day when the dark Moon squares Saturn so could feel alone or separate from your group. But summer’s grand trine of Jupiter, Saturn & Neptune continues for good will and good fortune. Luck is strongest for Rabbit, Sheep, Dog, and Pig and during Rabbit hours 5 am – 7 am.

Tues Aug 6 – The new Moon at 2:51 pm PDT on a Wood Dragon (green Dragon) day starts the month of the Metal Monkey (white Monkey). The Metal Monkey is strong, decisive, and can move mountains using sheer will power. Time to be strong and not the victim — or Monkey will take the peanuts and leave you the shells! Under the influence of trickster Monkey, luck is with you this month for a new adventure, to take risks, and great for an interesting vacation. So just ride the ups and downs of this Dragon day as magical Monkey begins his influence. Luck is strongest for Dragon, Rat, Snake, and Monkey and during Dragon hours 7 am – 9 am.

Wed Aug 7 is an insightful double Snake day, a Wood Snake day in this Water Snake year. Jupiter is opposite Pluto for success and power as Monkey month changes the usually sedate Snake. Jupiter in a grand trine with Saturn & Neptune smooths out problems. Luck is strongest for Snake, Ox, Monkey, and Rooster (Phoenix) and during Snake hours 9 am – 11 am.

Thurs Aug 8 is a crazy Fire Horse day when one could go racing off in the wrong direction. Moon is opposite Neptune so moody & not clear about direction. Mercury squares Saturn making communication difficult.Fortunately planets in a grand trine get the Horse out of a sticky situation. Luck is strongest for Horse, Tiger, Dog, and Sheep and during Horse hours 11 am – 1 pm.

Fri Aug 9 is a loving Fire Sheep day. Moon conjuncts Venus so excellent to be social, artistic, and express yourself tonight. Excellent time for divination and for feng shui enhancements to your home, especially adding beautiful art objects. Major planets in a grand trine bring luck, ease, and good fortune. Luck is strongest for Sheep, Rabbit, Horse, and Pig and during Sheep hours 1 pm – 3 pm.

Sat Aug 10 is an inspirational double Monkey day, an Earth Monkey (gold Monkey) day in a Metal Monkey month. Sun trines Uranus for new adventures today, a short trip, or something new. The fortunate grand trine of Jupiter, Saturn & Neptune helps even the wildest schemes succeed. Luck is strongest for Monkey, Rat, Dragon, and Snake and during Monkey hours 3 pm – 5 pm.

Sun Aug 11 is an Earth Phoenix (Rooster) day. Lots of squares today so no pecking! Emotions are strong as Moon squares Mars & Jupiter so let emotions pass and do not make decisions based on whims. Fortunate trines to Uranus can bring fun surprises, and planets in a grand trine help tone down disagreements. Luck is strongest for Phoenix, Ox, Dragon, and Snake and during Phoenix hours 5 pm – 7 pm.

Good luck and have a great week!

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