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cobra water snakeRemember in this Water Snake year 2013 that Snake is a spiritual sign of wisdom. What is of value this year are deep experiences and breakthroughs. During this sensitive year of the Water Snake, rewards are found in the inner world of spirit, not the outer world of money and material things.

As the Snake year summer cycle wanes, now is an excellent time for all kinds of interesting travels, trips to sacred sites, or places that are healing for you. Mercury is not retrograde until Oct 21 through Nov 10, so before Oct 21 is luckier for travel. Snakes are thrifty so under the influence of the Snake you can find travel deals and strike when the time is right.

There’s still plenty of time to to shed your old skin in this Snake year through transformation and guidance from astrology, tarot, and other forms of divination, massage, therapy, acupuncture, feng shui, herbs, and alternative healing. Know you can contact me by phone in San Francisco 415.642.80189 or email for your tarot or astrology reading.

Good luck!

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