Aquarian Full Moon Transformation

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Tuesday August 20 is a full Moon at 6:45 pm PDT in the lively Air sign Aquarius. In this sensitive Water Snake year, rewards are found in the inner world of spirit. What is of value are deep experiences and breakthroughs, making this Aquarian full Moon an opportune time to shed skins of the past and be a new you. The full Moon is opposite Sun and Mercury that’s very good for communication and soulful discussions. And the Moon conjuncts Neptune for creativity and inspiration.

On this full Moon, planets Venus, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are in two cardinal squares that could cause confusion. If you’re feeling frustrated with plans or not clear on direction, time to slow down — especially in relationships. Sometimes a change of scenery does the trick for a new vision. Under the influence of Aquarius, now is an excellent time to plan or go on interesting travels, trips to sacred sites, or places that are healing for you.

There’s still plenty of time in this Snake year to shed your old skin through guidance from astrology, tarot, and feng shui. Know you can contact me by phone 415.642.80189 in San Francisco or email Luck is with everyone to shed skins that bind you and find freedom on this full Moon, and is most profound for the Air signs Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra and for those born in Tiger, Horse, and Dog years.

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