Homemade Parrot Toys

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parrot toys 81813 005This weekend I joined by friend Chan Quach, Chan the Bird Man, when he flew his macaws Rudy and Bella in Dolores Park in San Francisco. Chan has trained the birds in free flight, similar to the art of falconry.

Rudy and Bella in flight are strikingly beautiful. We were mobbed by park visitors, including groups of French tourists, all asking us questions about the birds. Chan has done a brilliant job taming them. He tames then with love. As you can see in this pictures, he’s kissing Bella. And in my pic Rudy is leaning in for a smooch!parrot toys 81813 003

Later that day Chan and I made parrot toys. Parrots are highly intelligent, love to be stimulated, and need things to do.

So I rubbed blackberries into raw wood for color, Chan drilled small holes in the wood, and we stuffed the holes with organic cashews, almonds, walnuts, and sunflowers.

Rudy and Bella worked hard to get the nuts out of the woods. Then they chomped parrot toys 81813 009away on the wood and loved them! These birds can live for 50 years so I look forward to many more years making parrot toys.


  1. Any more ideas for toys? I have a loving 21 yr old Blue and Gold Macaw, inherited from my mother. He has been with us since he was 43 days old. It is always challenging to find him interesting toys and activities that do not always require my interacting with him!

    • Yes! Use dog toys. They are strong, safe, and easy to replace once chewed.
      Especially get toys where they have to work to get something. So where the dog toy has a place for peanut butter, replace with an almond.
      Good luck with your bird.

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