Aug 26 – Sept 1, 2013 The Week in Chinese Astrology

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Wheel of Chinese AnimalsHighlights this week are a passionate Fire Tiger Wednesday, an intimate double Snake Saturday, and lots of energy and vitality on Metal Horse Sunday!

Mon Aug 26 is a curious Wood Rat day. Sun, Moon, and Mercury trine Pluto for clever insights and solutions. Venus is opposite Uranus bringing an unexpected or stimulating event, especially in relationship. Take a break from the norm at work and invent something new! But Sun and Mercury are opposite Neptune emotionally sensitive, but impressions not always accurate. Avoid misunderstandings, not argue a point of view. Luck is strong for Rat, Ox, Dragon, and Monkey, and during Rat hours 11 pm – 1 am.

Tues Aug 27 is a communal Wood Ox day. Sun and Mercury sextile Saturn for good solid plans, to set up a structure, and organize to forward your goals. Good for feng shui adjustments and to clean up. If not today, then double Snake Saturday is also god for feng shui. Moon sextiles Mars can work towards a common goal on this Ox day. Luck is strong for Ox, Rat, Snake, and Rooster (Phoenix) and during Ox hours 1 am – 3 am.

Wed Aug 28 is a hot Fire Tiger (red Tiger) day on a waning Half Moon for balance. Mercury trines Pluto for networking, new ideas, think tank, and deep communications. Moon trines Venus for love luck, romance, and passion tonight! Just no arguing or cat fights with Moon square Sun and Mercury. Luck is strong for Tiger, Dog, Horse, and Pig and during Tiger hours 3 am – 5 am.

Thurs Aug 29 is a creative Fire Rabbit day. The Sun sextiles Saturn offering stability and security that Rabbit craves. Excellent for getting things done, and are more disciplined. Professional success favored, are in good mental state. Fortunate to seek advice from an elder. Venus, Jupiter, and Uranus in a T-square about relationships and the next step to take, so rely on Rabbit diplomacy today when dealing with others especially at work. Luck is strong for Rabbit, Sheep, Dog, and Pig and during Rabbit hours 5 am – 7 am.

Fri Aug 30 is a mighty Earth Dragon day, made all the more fortunate in this Monkey month. Moon trines Saturn and Neptune in a grand trine for a realistic, clear viewpoint that’s very helpful. Not just dreams and fantasies that creative Dragon loves. Excellent for artistic and spiritual work. If you feel frustrated by planets in a T-square, your dreams can refresh your spirit and inspire your imagination. Luck is strong for Dragon, Rat, Snake, and Monkey and during Dragon hours 7 am – 9 am.

Sat Aug 31 is an Earth Snake day, the golden Snake. 2013 is a Snake year, making this a double Snake day. Snake is the astrology sign of wisdom and simplicity. Cultivate beauty during this double Snake time. Tonight is superb for an intimate party and to connect deeply with another. Moon conjuncts Jupiter for good social times. Moon sextiles Mercury and squares Venus for social engagements that have quality. Luck is strong for Snake, Ox, Monkey, and Rooster (Phoenix) and during Snake hours 9 am – 11 am.

Sun Sept 1 is a vivacious and lucky Metal Horse day (white Horse) day. Moon conjuncts Mars for courage strength, but easy to fly off the handle. Saturn trines Neptune to stay level headed. Just move on at a fast brisk Horse pace today, not stop and analyze. Sun trines Pluto for a breakthrough, new learning, and powerful experiences. Good for celebration, out of town getaway, or adventure. New Moon on Sept 4 at 4:36 am PT starts month of the Metal Rooster (Phoenix). Luck is strong for Horse, Tiger, Dog, and Sheep and during Horse hours 11 am – 1 pm.

Have a great week!

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