Jan 20 – 26, 2014 The Week in Chinese Astrology

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chinese_zodiac_wheel_necklace-r156d32f74d804e9196fe716301029978_fkok9_8byvr_512Highlights this week are a double Water Snake Wednesday, a social Wood Sheep Friday, and an engaging Fire Phoenix Sunday. Wood Horse year begins a week from Thursday.

Mon Jan 20 is a pleasant Metal Rabbit day. The Moon trines Venus for appreciation of beauty, enjoyment of good times, and a nice meal for sensualist Rabbit. Moon sextiles Saturn so emotions steady on this Metal Rabbit day, the strongest of all Rabbits. Venus conjuncts Pluto in a square w/ Mars, Jupiter & Uranus so use Rabbit tact & diplomacy. Mercury trines Mars have mental energy, can figure out answers. Rabbit day luck strong for Rabbit, Sheep, Dog and Pig. Rabbit hours 5 – 7 am.

Tues Jan 21 is a dynamic Water Dragon day. Moon trines Sun for balanced heart and mind. Moon is opposite Uranus for something different. But some squares including Mercury square Saturn so don’t be negative or critical, offset by Dragon’s natural optimism.Venus squares Mars so don’t be too demanding or controlling in relationships. Dragon day luck strong for Dragon, Rat, Snake and Monkey. Dragon hours 7 – 9 am.

Wed Jan 22 is an intense double Water Snake day; a Water Snake day in a Water Snake year! Moon conjuncts Mars so can be very moody or temperamental. Moon squares Venus, Jupiter, and Pluto so interests in arts and philosophy. Nice day to keep to yourself, be a hermit, take time to reflect. Snake day luck strong for Snake, Ox, Monkey and Phoenix (Rooster). Snake hours 9 – 11 am.

Thurs Jan 23 is a fun Wood Horse day. Wood Horse year begins in one week on the new Moon that starts Chinese New Year. Last Quarter Moon so stay balanced as you preview Wood Horse energy today. Moon trines Neptune to follow your creative feelings, impulses, and hunches. Two squares to Uranus so don’t be accident prone. Horse day luck strong for Horse, Tiger, Sheep and Dog. Horse hours 11 am – 1 pm.

Fri Jan 24 is a lively Wood Sheep day. Mercury continues to trines Mars for mental energy and good communication. Moon trines Jupiter and Neptune in a grand trine for easy flow of energy. Moon sextiles Venus and Pluto for enjoyable social times. Join me tonight at 7:30 pm at East West Books, 324 Castro Street in Mt. View CA for my 2014 Year of the Horse talk! Sheep day luck strong for Sheep, Rabbit, Horse and Pig. Sheep hours 1 pm – 3 pm.

Sat Jan 25 is a Fire Monkey (red Monkey) day. Moon conjuncts Saturn can feel broody or isolated. Mercury squares Saturn so communication seems challenged. Find ways to entertain yourself and brighten up! Good Mercury aspects to read, explore, a change of scenery. Uranus squares so travel carefully and avoid accidents. Monkey day luck strong for Monkey, Rat, Dragon and Snake. Monkey hours 3 pm – 5 pm.

Sun Jan 26 is Fire Phoenix (Rooster) day. Moon sextiles the Sun and trines Uranus for easier flow of energy, new interests, and some excitement in life. Jupiter opposite Pluto and Venus is nice for a party or celebration. But Moon squares Neptune so don’t make definite plans. Energy winds down to new Moon on Thursday January 30 at 1:38 pm that starts the Year of the Wood Horse. Phoenix day luck strong for Phoenix, Ox, Dragon and Snake. Phoenix hours 5 pm – 7 pm.

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