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Wednesday May 14, 2014 is a full Moon in Scorpio at 12:16 pm PDT. This full Moon marks the midpoint of introspective Earth Snake month. And this full Moon occurs on a Phoenix (Rooster) day that is naturally fortunate in a Snake month; Phoenix, Snake, and Ox are the most compatible.

The Moon conjuncts Saturn so can be very serious, perhaps too serious. But serious is good in a Snake month to really get to the bottom of things, secrets can be revealed, and transformation occurs by shedding the skin of the past. Fortunately the full Moon trines Jupiter in Cancer for well being, warmth in relationships, and generous giving.


During this full Moon, there is a grand cardinal cross. In astrology there are three modes: mutable or changeable, cardinal or active, and fixed or stable. All four elements Fire, Air, Water, and Earth want to do things, but in the way of their own element. So there can be conflict in how people go about doing things.

Venus and Uranus are in cardinal Fire sign Aries, Mars is in cardinal Air sign Libra, Jupiter is in cardinal Water sign Cancer, and Pluto is in cardinal Earth sign Capricorn. People can feel held back or frustrated. But you’ll find out fast what does or does not work for you, especially in relationships.

Enjoy this introspective full Moon cycle by appreciating the love, friendships, and opportunities in your life. Next new Moon on May 28 starts Horse month when energy returns with a gallop. This full Moon in powerful Water sign Scorpio is most influential for Water signs Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer and those born in Pig, Rabbit, and Sheep years.

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  1. I just don’t understand this whole thing of trines etc.
    I am a Pig, (April 23, 1959). I also know hat I am an earth sign.
    But, I have no idea about your charts and how to read them especially the trines that lean to the left.
    Could you please help me to understand and read your charts?
    I never have good luck. Is it because I do not wear enough metal (jewelry)?
    Thank you so much,

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