August 25 – 31, 2014 The Week in Chinese Astrology

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Taoist-Astrology-imageThe Week in Chinese Astrology

August 25 – 31, 2014

Highlights this week are a New Moon on Monday that begins Water Phoenix (Rooster) month, double Horse Wednesday, and double Water Phoenix Saturday!

Mon Aug 25 is a NEW MOON at 7:13 am PDT that begins Water Phoenix (Rooster) month. Sun and Moon are opposite Neptune so better to deal with facts not fantasy under the influence of practical Phoenix. Phoenix correlates to the western sign Virgo. Mars conjuncts Saturn to slow down and be more contemplative. Venus squares Mars and Saturn so don’t be fussy or critical in relationships. Instead, use the energy of Water Phoenix to transform emotions and create healing. Fortunately Mercury sextiles Mars and Saturn for direct communication to clear the air. An Earth DRAGON day so a sense of fate or destiny with others. Dragon day and Phoenix month luck strong for Dragon, Rat, Ox, Snake, Monkey, and Phoenix. Dragon hours 7 – 9 am.

Tues Aug 26 is Earth SNAKE day. Snake day is fortunate in Phoenix (Rooster) month. Moon conjuncts Mercury for a sense of curiosity on Snake day. Moon sextiles Mars and Saturn, and Moon trines Pluto, for breakthroughs and insights that Snake loves. Good Mercury aspects help communicate well during Venus square Mars and Saturn that can be trying in relationships. Uranus trines bring new ideas so shed skins of the past. Snake day luck strong for Snake, Ox, Dragon, and Phoenix (Rooster). Snake hours 9 -11 am.

Wed Aug 27 is double HORSE: Metal Horse day in this Wood Horse year. Sun opposite Neptune so not a day for decisions or serious work. Plus work is not Horse’s strong point. Take a mid-week break and let loose, or as loose as you can. Venus squares Mars and Saturn can complicate relationships; best to avoid deep topics. Enjoy the outdoors instead. Sun trine Pluto brings new energy. Double Horse day luck strong for Horse, Tiger, Sheep, and Dog. Horse hours 11 am – 1 pm.

Thurs Aug 28 is Metal SHEEP day. Moon sextiles Jupiter to enjoy the company of others, friends both old and new. Sheep is a natural diplomat. Smooth over any relationship difficulties from ongoing Venus square Mars and Saturn. Plus Moon square Pluto can bring up deep emotions. But Moon is opposite Uranus, and Uranus trines Venus and Jupiter, for something new, different, and creative. Good day for home improvements and feng shui enhancements. Sheep day luck strong for Sheep, Rabbit, Horse, and Pig. Sheep hours 1 – 3 pm.

Fri Aug 29 is Water MONKEY day. You might be feeling Sun opposite Neptune so not clear for decisions. Others could bring confusion or uncertainty. Time to let go, not Monkey-mind analyze events. Fortunately Moon sextile Jupiter continues to enjoy the company of others. Socialize tonight and appreciate special moments. Uranus trine Venus and Jupiter can be inspiring, instead of focusing on Venus squares in relationships. Monkey day luck strong for Monkey, Rat, Dragon, and Snake. Monkey hours 3 – 5 pm.

Sat Aug 30 is double Water PHOENIX: Water Phoenix day in Water Phoenix month. Moon trines Neptune for creative imagine and artistic work. Plus Moon sextiles the Sun bringing a balance of spiritual self and the material world. But can sense relationship frustration of Venus square Mars and Saturn. Plus Mars conjunct Saturn is frustrating in itself and we have to slow down — which no one want to do in a Wood Horse year. Use Water Phoenix energy to flow through challenges and take the high road. Double Phoenix day luck strong for Phoenix, Ox, Dragon, and Snake. Phoenix hours 5 – 7 pm.

Sun Aug 31 is Wood DOG day. Wood Dog day is fortunate in Wood Horse year. But Moon conjuncts Mars and Saturn bringing weighty concerns, and Dog is naturally serious. Can be irritated or lose your temper, so stay calm and seek peace. Keep your feelings to yourself today, and be of service to others. Dog is best when serving, and fighting for the underdog. Jupiter trines Uranus so can feel free, not a dog in a cage. Dog day luck strong for Dog, Rabbit, Tiger, and Horse. Dog hours 7 – 9 pm.

Good luck and have a great week,


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