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Love planet Venus is in Water sign Pisces until February 20, 2015. Empathetic Pisces is the ideal sign for Venus. Venus is exalted in Pisces.

Mars is in Pisces until February 19. The Piscean influence softens the power of Mars, making the influence of Venus more dominant. Mars rules Aries and Scorpio. So when both planets enter Aries on February 21 and Feb 20, then Mars will be more dominant. 

Wishing you a peaceful, creative, and artistic Venus and Mars in Pisces,



  1. Dear Susan,

    Your insight is delightful and I learn so much from your thumbnail daily forecasts. I used to get them a few days before the new week. It has stopped. Have you stopped doing a weekly forecast for each day? If not I would love to continue to receive. I forward them to friends too.

    I would like to schedule a tarot reading. Will you send me dates that you have available and fees please.

    Thank you! an admirer of your work!!

    lydia francine munro

    • Dear Lydia Francine,

      Thank you for your support, and for following THE WEEK IN CHINESE ASTROLOGY. I discontinued that column on Feb 1st 2015 but still post bi-weekly NEW MOON and FULL MOON updates.

      For your tarot card reading, please prepare 3 questions (or topics) for the cards. We can schedule by phone 415.642.8019 if you are not in the San Francisco Bay Area. (Most readings are by phone.)

      Let me know if you would like a CD recording. The fee is $160 and is prepaid online at

      For scheduling your tarot card reading, please email me at Thanks.

      And happy New Year of the Sheep — this week!



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