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March 5, 2015 at 10:05 am PT is a full Moon in Virgo. Under the influence of intelligent and practical Earth sign Virgo, you can complete what you started, get organized, and pay attention to details. This Virgoan full Moon trines Pluto in Capricorn, and is ideal to structure your finances and spending. Become financially wise and accountable now because money can go fast in a Sheep year. There is an expression, “Sheep eat paper” meaning that Sheep can really spend.



But lighten up and have some fun too! This full Moon is the peak of Chinese New Year celebrations. There will be parades all over the world this weekend. Enjoy the party and express yourself. Venus, Mars, and Uranus are all in fiery Aries, creating a grand Fire trine with Jupiter in Leo and Saturn in Sagittarius. Actions bring results, and doors can open.

Fortunate Fire trines continue through the month of March, including Jupiter trine Uranus that lasts until the end of July. You can create a new way of expressing yourself with a new kind of freedom. So follow even the smallest bit of good luck or sudden opportunity.

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  1. im born on april 18 1984 life now is full of down..

    • Last year Horse 2014 was the worst year for those born in a Rat year like you. Sheep year 2015 is your time for steady improvement. So get it together for your lucky year Monkey 2016.
      To get started, now for Chinese New Year remove clutter, fix up your home especially the bedroom, paint a room if you are in a warm climate (the one most in need of paint), and redo your wardrobe. Then you’ll have stability to make a big move in Monkey year. Good luck.

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