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ARIES – You’re a cardinal, active Fire sign, and this is a Fire Monkey year, so time to put your plans into action. You can cover much ground. Fine to keep changing course until you find the lane that’s just right for you. Aries the Ram correlates to the magnificent Dragon of Taoist astrology.

TAURUS – The Bull and the Monkey are two very different animals, so avoid chaos by staying true to yourself; cultivate your love of art and beauty. Monkey year energy can take you in new directions. Taurus the bull correlates to the wise and beautiful Snake of Taoist astrology.

GEMINI – Your mercurial ways and quit wit can take you far in Monkey year. Time to expand your circle, and to put your innovative ideas into action. Travel is fortunate for you this year. Gemini the twins correlate to the popular, fun-loving Horse of Taoist astrology.

CANCER – Fire Monkey energy might be too yang for a gentle soul like you. Enjoy the party but schedule time to recover before your next adventure. During a Monkey year you won’t be bored! Cancer the crab correlates to the kind, artistic Sheep (Goat, Ram) of Taoist astrology.

LEO – Monkey correlates to the Western sign Leo so this is your year! You’re a Fire sign, and this is a Fire year, so take action. Roar your way to success! Be the leader and people will follow. Leo the Lion/ess can bring out the best traits of the ingenious, brilliant Monkey of Taoist astrology.

VIRGO – You carefully plan before acting, unlike Monkey who takes risks without analyzing any data. Take a tip from fun Monkey and cut loose. Explore in 2016. Save your serious plans for 2017 Phoenix (Rooster) year, your lucky year. Virgo the Virgin correlates to the impeccable Phoenix (Rooster) of Taoist astrology.

LIBRA –  Strive to stay balanced and not indulge in Monkey mind overthinking.Stay balanced in your relationships because Monkey treats relationships like a game.  You start a new 12-year life cycle in Earth Dog year 2018 when your patience will be rewarded. Libra the Scale correlates to the loyal Dog of Taoist astrology.

SCORPIO – Monkey is entertaining, creative, and fun. So lighten up and be less intense this year! Take a far away trip for a needed change of scenery. You’ll find new discoveries under the influence of trickster Monkey. Scorpio the Scorpion, Serpent, Eagle, or Phoenix correlates to the sensual Pig (Boar) of Taoist astrology.

SAGITTARIUS –  You’re a mutable Fire sign, and this is a Fire year, so timing works in your favor. Success comes easily so get going and stay active all year. You can rest late winter for your birthday. Sagittarius the archer correlates to the clever Rat of Taoist astrology.

CAPRICORN – Fire Monkey energy is very different from your solid, earthy methods. So be the voice of reason this year and win the admiration of family and colleagues. 2017 is luckier for you to make big changes so stay steady now. Capricorn the Goat correlates to the patient, diligent Ox of Taoist astrology.

AQUARIUS – Monkey energy is lively and innovative, two qualities appreciated by Aquarius. Time to express yourself and seek more freedom. Luck is with you to take the first steps to your achieving your goals. You’ll find out fast what does or does not work. Aquarius the Water Bearer correlates to the daring, impulsive Tiger of Taoist astrology.

PISCES – It’s easy to get swept up in Fire Monkey’s fast, exciting energy. But you are sensitive so take breaks throughout Monkey year to restore your health. Follow your intuition when faced with too many choices. Pisces the Fishes correlates to the gentle, diplomatic Rabbit (Hare, Cat) of Taoist astrology.

Wishing you a happy and lucky year of the Fire Monkey,

Susan Levitt

San Francisco, CA

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