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dog-spiritOne of my tarot students had a sudden accident. She hurt her back when she tripped over her dog (a lovely lab) who always follows her around. This Fire Monkey year 2016 is the time of accidents and injuries, not lingering illness like in Snake or Rabbit years. Plus her accident occurred during the recent Mercury retrograde.

She selected 3 tarot cards, one each for Body, Mind, and Spirit. Body and Mind were good cards for her, but not Spirit. (This tarot spread for health is on page 164 of Introduction To Tarot.)

So her spirit was waning, she was becoming discouraged, and she asked if I have any recommendations to lift her spirits. Options for her to feel better are:

1. Watch comedies and stand-up comedian specials on Netflix, or whatever you have to get streaming media. Avoid getting too involved with heavy dramas, too much news, or other negative influences when you are feeling vulnerable.

2. Eat what you want! When you get better you can exercise or eat less caloric foods. But for now, enjoy a few treats. And drink more water.

3. Read inspirational books and magazines. I just finished reading The Baron in the Trees by Italo Calvino. You will probably enjoy that.

4. Feng Shui! Make sure your bedroom or recovery room is nice, no piles of clutter, have fresh flowers nearby, fresh sheets on the bed, and get comfy. Maybe hire a housekeeper to help if you feel too blue to get started.

5. Encourage visitors. If you have friends or family who live nearby, invite them over. They can watch a comedy with you, eat good food, you loan them your copy of The Baron in the Trees when you are done reading it, and they visit you in your nice flower-scented room.

6. Most of the pain will be managed with drugs, so stay with and follow what the doctors recommend as you wean off the medicines. That’s also why you feel lousy, and the drugs can make you constipated. You’ll feel better when most of the drugs are out of your system. So eat cooked squash, stewed prunes, or drink Smooth Move tea to keep bowels regular. Constipation influences mood.

7. Listen to music that inspires you, uplifts your spirit, and that you enjoy hearing. Music can change your mood with just a few notes!

8. And your doggie! Snuggle up and take comfort from your companion animal. You’ve taken good care of your dog, so now your dog can return the favor and be extra attentive to you during your healing.

Try any of the above tips when you feel like your spirits can use a lift, or if you have a challenging card in the Spirit position of your tarot spread.

Good luck,




  1. Thanks for sharing Susan! Really needed that and a few of those tips will help. I’m actually taking a break from cleaning my room now(clearing the clutter) !! 😉

    • Good luck Ericka! And check out the free Marie Kondo vids on YouTube. They really help deal with small spaces.
      And hello to the family.

  2. Hey Susan,

    Great list! I would also add listening to upbeat music. Right now I am in a busy coffeeshop listening to Chilltrax on my Ipod and it really helps to block out the chaos around me.

    • Yes! #8 Listen to upbeat and inspiring music!
      Thanks Diane.

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