Dog Month #MeToo

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November 2017 is the month of the Dog in Chinese astrology. Dog traits are honesty, integrity, and speaking up for the underdog. The truth is sniffed out, and injustice is exposed.

During this Dog month, women have come forward to openly speak about sexual assault, abuse, and harassment. And people believe the women, instead of placing shame and blame for wearing the wrong clothing, saying no when she really meant yes, or other insane justifications.

Tarana Burke started the hashtag #MeToo on Twitter to publicize these experiences and to demonstrate the massive amounts of mysogynist behavior. Millions of women posted, including me, and this is just the beginning of the discussion.

The truth telling during this Dog month gives us a sample of what to anticipate in Dog year 2018. More perpetrators of violence against women will be exposed, and will have to deal with the consequences of their behavior. I so look forward to this upcoming Earth Dog year. You have no idea.

In sisterhood,

Susan Levitt


  1. Thank you, Susan! Looking forward to moving from Rooster to Dog!!

  2. Thank you for this post. We women of all ages need to be up front about all the sexual harassment we have had to deal with for DECADES. The worst is rape or any other form of assault. But it starts with the so called “little things.” Men brushing up against us cause it’s fun.Inappropriate comments, looks, emails, touching. All the “fun” things the guys do cause they think it is ok to have fun at a woman’s expense. I don’t buy this “oh it’s just a joke” or “just having fun” or “boy are you over sensitive” or the fave of every single man who has ever disrespected a woman, the word BITCH. It is time for all of this prejudicial behavior to stop – or else.

  3. #MeToo Thank you Susan Levitt!! Great Post!! In Sisterhood, Michi

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