2018 Taurus New Moon begins Fire Snake Month

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May 15 2018 is a new Moon in Earth sign Taurus. Sensuous Taurus appreciates the finer things in life, and is ruled by Venus, the planet named for the goddess of love, peace, and creativity.

The new Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Uranus are in earthy Taurus to appreciate the beauty and abundance of Mother Earth in springtime. Many planets are in Earth signs including Mars, Saturn, and Pluto in Earth sign Capricorn.

So it’s definitely time to focus on earthly matters of all kinds during this lunar month including health, finances, or career path — along with enjoying life’s earthly pleasures.

Fortunately, lucky trines pave the way! The new Moon and Sun trine Mars and Pluto. Trines with Mars bring true courage to take the initiative, and feelings align with actions. It’s easier to start new projects during this lunar cycle, or apply new energy to completing an old project.

Pluto trines bring powerful energy that’s positive for new growth and transformation. Relationships become more serious, and intimate relationships deepen. It’s easier for self discovery and understanding because…

FIRE SNAKE MONTH May 15 – June 12

This new Moon begins the month of the shamanic Fire Snake. Snake month is time to shed your skin and release the past. Snake’s earthly branch is Fire in Chinese medicine, giving the Fire Snake a double dose of Fire’s passion to burn away all that is no longer wanted, and all that is no longer useful.

Anticipate profound and magical experiences during this Fire Snake month. Contact me for your tarot, astrology, or feng shui consultation during this insightful Fire Snake lunar cycle.

Snake’s wisdom and powers of perception are for all, especially the Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn and those born in Snake, Monkey, Phoenix (Rooster), and Ox years.

Happy new Moon,



  1. With all that’s going on in The Big island right now, earthquakes and lava, I think this is relevant .
    What are your thoughts? Can you comment in your column?
    I live 20 miles away from the volcano.

    • Dear Sue,
      Kilauea is active because it’s so young (in geological time). Plus underwater nuclear testing, fracking, and other things we humans do to the earth have an influence. For example, the last big quake on The Big Island was in 2006 right after North Korea announced its first underground nuclear testing.
      Fortunately, the lava is moving to the sea. And the wind is blowing the toxic air to the sea — not all over The Big Island.
      My friends in the Kona coffee belt, 40 miles from Kilauea, said they felt the initial earthquake but are not effected by Kilauea’s lava.
      You’re 20 miles away so are safe too. If you know people who have to evacuate, maybe you can offer them a place to stay.
      This is the risk we take to live in magical places. In San Francisco there can be an earthquake, and in Hawaii a volcano can blow.
      Goddess Pele…
      Stay strong, and ALOHA!

  2. I am trying to figure when to have knee surgery this summer, by the signs I know knee is Capricorn, but cannot figure out when to have surgery by the signs!

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