2018 Virgo New Moon begins Phoenix (Rooster) Month

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Sept 9 2018 is a new Moon in Earth sign Virgo. Virgo rules the sixth house of health, healing, work, and service. This lunar month is time for attention to health, the health of your home, and is time to take action! This month is fortunate to launch plans, especially career plans, and to pursue opportunities. The new Moon, Sun, and Mercury are all in Virgo for clear communication. But under the influence of Virgo, details are important, as is follow through.


PHOENIX MONTH Sept 9 – Oct 7

This new Moon begins the lunar month of the Metal Phoenix (Rooster). Phoenix, like Virgo, takes pride in a job well done, and can be superb at planning and organizing. Know that Phoenix speaks frankly, making this lunar month the time for direct speech. This is the month of the Metal Phoenix. The element Metal can help make clean decisions.

In feng shui, Metal is the clean, white, and pure environment. It might time for an autumn cleaning this year to get organized before winter. This is also a good month to recover your health if not feeling balanced after Monkey month in August. Contact me for your tarot, astrology, or feng shui consultation.



The Virgo new Moon and Sun sextile Jupiter in Scorpio. Jupiter brings luck for success, and a period of growth and optimism. These aspects are good for group activities, especially positive interactions with women, and are favorable for financial transactions.

The new Moon and Sun trine Pluto in Capricorn. Emotions seem more powerful, and sensitivity is stronger. People can speak about deep feelings, with a sense of surviving challenges of the past. Plus these Pluto trines can bring increased vigor to overcome illness, or to start preventative healthcare practices.

The new Moon and Sun are opposite Neptune in Pisces. If people experience strange moods, they could be sensitive emotionally but not sure if what they feel is accurate. Should this occur, avoid risky or speculative ventures with others. Stay conscious of your surroundings, and take care when sensitive to outside influences.



Keeping life grounded is a fortunate grand Earth trine of Mercury in Virgo, Saturn in Capricorn, and Uranus in Taurus. There’s serious thinking about important concerns, with wide scope and an eye for details. The hard work and discipline of Saturn can blend well with the originality and innovation of Uranus. Imagination is stimulated, making this a fortune month for travel, encounters with new people, and to learn from those who are more experienced.

Venus, newly in Scorpio, squares Mars. People can become critical about relationships, or overthink simple things during this Virgo month.
But lucky connections and opportunities are for all, especially Earth signs Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus and those born in Phoenix, Ox, Dragon, and Snake years.

Happy new Moon,


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