2018 Solstice and Cancer Full Moon

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December 21 2018 is Winter Solstice, the longest night in the northern hemisphere, when the Sun enters Capricorn. Time to look forward to renewal and new beginnings as the light returns. This Solstice night is the eve of the full Moon.

December 22 is a full Moon in Cancer. Empathetic Water sign Cancer rules the 4th house of home and family that sets the tone for a lovely holiday week. Two fortunate trines add to the festivities:

The Sun trine Uranus brings an exciting and electrifying energy for inspiration. It’s lucky for new encounters and activities. Most people will be too restless to sit around the fire.

Venus trine Neptune brings enhanced understanding in relationships. People can increase their awareness of the art, beauty, and spirit in everyday life.

Adding to the holiday buzz is Mercury conjunct Jupiter that brings optimism. Differing viewpoints are of interest, not a source of conflict. It’s easier to see the big picture and make plans accordingly. This is also a fortunate transit for buying and selling. Contact me for your astrology forecast to refine your 2019 plans.

On Christmas Day, the Moon is in lion-hearted Fire sign Leo. The Leo Moon trines Mercury and Jupiter so anticipate lively and interesting conversations. People are more generous and affectionate, and a pleasant time can be had by all.


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2019 is the year of the Earth Pig, the fortunate gold Pig, a time of peace making and good fellowship. Kind actions are rewarded, and people can work together in harmony. Click to purchase Pig Year tickets.

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