2020 Gemini New Moon begins Second Snake Month

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May 22 2020 at 10:39 am PDT is a new Moon in Gemini. Air sign Gemini rules the 3rd house of ideas and communication. The new Moon, Sun, Mercury, and Venus are all in Gemini for social times, close personal interactions, and virtual group activities.

The new Moon and Sun trine Jupiter and Saturn. Trines with Jupiter are considered fortunate. There is creative potential for new interests and and new learning. And there can be increased understanding and concern for the general public, even the welfare of strangers. Trines with Saturn can bring practical discipline and self control. It’s easier to focus energy, examine life structures and habits, and lay a solid groundwork especially in business.

The new Moon and Sun square Mars in Pisces. Squares to Mars can bring ego conflicts, irritability, and impatience. You could see belligerent actions in others. It’s best to avoid any conflicts with authorities, and strive to be understanding of other’s emotions.

Intimate relationships can be effected by Mercury and Venus square Neptune in Pisces. Mercury square Neptune can bring misunderstood communications and increased worry. Venus square Neptune can indicate unrealistic standards in partnerships. Under the influence of Neptune, people are often reluctant to face reality. Plus Venus is retrograde from May 12 to June 24 so it’s better to not dwell on past disappointments.

This new Moon in Gemini begins the second lunar month of introspective Metal Snake. Consider this Snake lunar month the calm before the Water Horse storm that begins on the next new Moon on June 20 Summer Solstice. During the month of independent Horse, no one wants to be told what to do. And with the element Water, people can be ruled by their emotions.

The Full Moon on June 5, new Moon on June 20, and full Moon on July 4 will be eclipses when what is hidden can come to light. So use the next two weeks leading up to the the full Moon to get your affairs in order. During these changing times, my services are available for you. Contact me for your tarot card reading and astrology forecast to help plan and organize. Opportunities are strongest for Air signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius and those born in Snake, Tiger, and Dog years.

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