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June 5 2020 at 12:12 pm PDT is a full Moon, and a lunar eclipse at 12:25 pm PDT. This is the first of three eclipses in a row when what is hidden comes to the surface. The truth can be revealed, especially concerning racial injustice. The next two eclipses are the new Moon on June 20 and full Moon on July 4.

The June 5 lunar eclipse is in Sagittarius. Fire sign Sagittarius rules the 9th house of education, philosophy, and exploration. Under the influence of straight-talking Sagittarius, people will say what they really think. This full Moon marks the peak of the second Snake lunar month. Snake is a sign of wisdom, so use your innate wisdom and powers of perception to understand self and others.

This eclipsed Moon is opposite the Sun and Venus conjunct in Gemini. Sun conjunct Venus brings creativity and self expression. And in some instances, indicates a new love interest. But with Moon opposite the Sun, emotional tensions can surface. And with Moon opposite Venus, people can do things to excess.

Fortunately, Mercury in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus for new discoveries, with the ability to resolve issues from the past. You can find new solutions, and any astrological connection between Mercury and Uranus brings an element of genius.

Note that the eclipsed Moon and the Sun square Neptune conjunct Mars in Pisces. Mars conjunct Neptune is an odd coupling of two very different energies, and can bring forth unusual moods without knowing why. So observe your emotions, not just act on them. Contact me for your tarot reading and astrology forecast for guidance.

The Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto conjunction continues influencing financial and political issues. Venus squares Mars that can indicate challenges in partnerships. Venus is still retrograde until June 24.


Mercury will be retrograde for three weeks starting June 17. So get your affairs in order, and legal documents organized, before this the retrograde begins. Mercury will be retrograde in Water sign Cancer, with a focus on home, family, and nurturing.

Opportunities for breakthroughs and discovery of the truth are for all, and are strongest for Fire signs Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo and those born in Rat, Snake, Dragon, and Monkey years.

Happy full Moon,


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