2020 Virgo New Moon begins Phoenix (Rooster) Month

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September 17 2020 at 4:00 am PDT is a new Moon in Virgo . Earth sign  Virgo rules the sixth house of work, healing, nutrition, and herbology. Focus is on health, making steady progress, and taking care of self and others.

The new Moon and Sun in Virgo trine Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. This lunar month will bring increased satisfaction from being disciplined with your work. You’ll find it easier to get organized, and concentrate on planning.

Note that Mars in Aries is retrograde until November 13 and may slow progress, so for the next two months work with consistency and focus. Follow up on details, and complete what you start.

It might be challenging to follow your intuition because the new Moon and Sun square Neptune. There can be a gap between idealism and reality. Therefore, this is not the time for risky ventures. It’s better to use what you know works, and worked in the past, instead of implementing new methods. If uncertain about priorities, contact me for your tarot reading, astrology forecast. or feng shui consultation for guidance.

This new Moon begins the lunar month of the Wood Phoenix, also translated as Rooster or Chicken. Phoenix is conscientious, takes pride in a job well done, understands that rewards take time and hard work, and is a perfectionist. The Wood Phoenix is growth oriented and idealistic. This energy can be motivating and inspiring, especially during Mars retrograde, but avoid the Phoenix tendency to commit to too many projects or responsibilities. 

The retrograde planets of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto in Earth sign Capricorn continues, emphasizing both financial and political issues. Saturn and Pluto square Mars also continues, that can bring power struggles and disagreements. And during a Phoenix month, people can love a good fight. Instead, use Virgo’s innate analytical skills to solve problems during this lunar month. 

Opportunities for progress and a good harvest this autumn are for all, and are strongest for Earth signs Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus and those born in Phoenix, Ox, Dragon, and Snake years.

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