2021 Capricorn Full Moon in Ox Year

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June 24, 2021 is a full Moon in Capricorn at 11:40 am PDT. Earth sign Capricorn rules the 10th house of career, social contribution, public image, and your status in society. Capricorn correlates to the Chinese astrology sign Ox. Like Capricorn, Ox is ethical, hardworking, and dependable. During this Capricorn full Moon in Ox year, and the two waning weeks of this lunar cycle, it’s an ideal time to refocus on career, organize your finances, and catch up on practical matters.

The full Moon sextiles Jupiter in Pisces bringing good feelings, optimism, and enjoyment of group activities, especially after Covid restrictions. With Mercury retrograde ending on June 22, cultivating friendships now will yield benefits for you in the future. Please contact me for your tarot card reading, astrology forecast, or feng shui consultation.

More good news are three major trines. The Sun newly in Cancer trines Jupiter newly in Pisces bringing enthusiasm for new experiences, and travel is fortunate. Mercury in Gemini trines Saturn in Aquarius for a stable viewpoint and the mental discipline to deal with practical matters and follow through with projects. Venus in Cancer trines Neptune in Pisces that enhances creativity and increases empathy and compassion. If single, this Venus transit can indicate a new romance. If in a relationship, it’s time for some romance with your partner.

Challenges could result from Mars in Leo opposite Saturn in Aquarius. If progress is blocked by others, or people are angry with the way things are, the solution is hard work and physical activity. During a Capricorn Moon in Ox year, should challenges come up, proceed more slowly and cautiously to seek common ground and move toward resolution.

Both Mars and Saturn square Uranus in Taurus. There can be a general sense of restlessness, defiance of restrictions, and a tendency for impulsive, rash actions. If your sense of order and duty are challenged, stay steady. This full Moon is the peak of Horse month when no one wants to be told what to do, but it’s not the time to defy authorities in an Ox year. Save that for Tiger year 2022.

Opportunities for career advancement and social connection are for all, and are strongest for Earth signs Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo and those born in Ox, Rat, Snake, and Phoenix (Rooster) years.

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