S.F. Chronicle: On the Town – Oct 2006


press-onthetown-2 pictureSusan Levitt is a popular San Francisco tarot reader, astrologer and feng shui consultant, whose books include “Taoist Astrology” and “The Complete Tarot Kit.” Her Web site claims she has the “answers to your most important questions.” Naturally, we wanted to know where she foresees us hanging out in the city in the next few weeks.

  • Scarlet Sage, 1173 Valencia St. “An intimate and serene herb store with a superb collection of herbs, teas, aromatherapy essential oils, and hydrosols to enhance health and create peace in the home. I like their alternative medicines and homeopathics, especially the handcrafted flower remedies for animals. Most people know about Rainbow and Whole Foods but forget about this little gem of a store in the Mission.”
  • Fields Book Store, 1419 Polk St. “A quiet haven with books on all topics metaphysical. It’s my fantasy library. They’ve been at this same location since 1932, definitely way ahead of the New Age. The staff is very knowledgeable, and they carry my books so I always feel welcomed.”
  • Imperial Tea Court, 1411 Powell St. “The peaceful ambience here is so unique. As soon as I enter, I feel like I’m a Chinese scholar from a bygone era. It’s such a treat to be surrounded by precious objects and enjoy fine tea while delicate caged birds sing. The second Imperial Tea Court in the Embarcadero has the same teas, but no songbirds in bamboo cages. Maybe the Health Department won’t allow it.”
  • Tai Yick Trading Co., 1400 Powell St. “Packed floor to ceiling with treasures, here are fine ceramics, decorated vases, clay cooking vessels, tea pots, feng shui items and more — all at amazing prices. This is the perfect place for special gifts. Whenever I take anyone here, they’re surprised by the high quality and just sheer amount of gorgeous art.”
  • Gold Mountain Restaurant, 644 Broadway St. “With melt-in-your-mouth dim sum, this restaurant is always packed. So just brave the crowds and take your place at one of the long tables to enjoy an amazing assortment of steamed, roasted and fried goodies as they’re wheeled by. My favorites are the steamed dumplings.”
  • Pizzeria Delfina, 3611 18th St. “I like the occasional pizza. If you like thin crusts, this is the place for fine, aromatic thin-crust pizza. It’s next door to the superb Delfina Restaurant, which had been there for a few years before they opened the pizzeria. I call in my pizza order and then just walk over to pick it up.”
  • Crystal Way, 2335 Market St. “The crystals here are so beautiful, glowing sculptures made by nature, especially the large amethyst clusters. And the crystal jewelry is very lovely. This is the ideal place for a special gift, or for a little something to lift your energy if you’re feeling low. And it’s fun to pop into all the other one-of-a-kind shops on this block and the next in the Castro. You’re not far from Peet’s Coffee and Tea (2257 Market St.) to help perk you up, too.”

Original at: San Francisco Chronicle, Oct. 1st, 2006