Susan’s Birth Charts




Where to begin to interpret a birth chart?

Find your Sun sign! That’s the sign that expresses who you are, and shows your path in life. The symbol looks like a circle with a dot in it. The circle is the world, and the dot is your place centered in it.

When people ask me What is my purpose? Look at your Sun sign. Sun in Aries? You purpose is to lead and be brave. Taurus? To love earth and beauty. Sun sign alone can offer much information about your life path. My Sun sign is Water sign Pisces, and like a true Pisces I am sensitive, intuitive, and attracted to all things spiritual. 

Then find your Moon sign. The symbol looks like a crescent Moon. That indicates how your feel about things, how you express emotions. Mine is Fire sign Sagittarius to speak the truth, see the point and go right to it.

The find your rising sign, the sign on your ascendant. It’s abbreviated as ASC. When facing your birth chart, your ASC is to the far left, or 9 PM on a clock face. My ASC is Air sign Gemini that’s all about communication and languages. 

Once you know your Sun, Moon, and rising sign, then look for what stand out. For example, a stellium a group of planets all in the same sign, stands out. Or planets all on one side of the chart. What stands out in my birth chart is a Grand Water Trine. I get many questions from those who also have grand trines, so here’s some basic info:



The four elements Fire, Water, Air, and Earth are the structure of astrology and tarot. A grand trine is created when planets are in all three signs of each element. 

Fire Trine – All three Fire signs make a harmony trine: Sagittarius, Aries, and Leo. Fire people excel by doing things in a big, fiery, dynamic way without restraint or being told what to do.

Water Trine –  All three Water signs make a harmony trine: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. Water people excel by following their intuition, and doing what feels right. 

Air Trine – All three Air signs are harmonious: Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Air people excel by doing things in an problem-solving, innovative way that includes many points of view.

Earth Trine – All three Earth signs are harmonious: Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus. Earth people excel by doing things in an grounded, solid, practical, and realistic manner.



See the big triangle in the inner circle of my chart graphic? That’s a grand Water trine of Sun in Pisces, Jupiter and Uranus in Cancer, and Saturn in Scorpio.

Each point of the pyramid is one of the Water signs: Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio. This makes me highly intuitive.  I’m psychic, and gifted with the sight so can see wraith forms (ghosts). Instead of being afraid, I feel much more at ease with this because of the grand Water trine. 



In Vedic astrology, there’s still the same grand Water trine. There is a difference of about 23 degrees because Vedic astrology takes into consideration the precession (not procession) of the equinoxes. But the planetary aspects are the same in both systems. 

I’m still a Pisces, but my Gemini rising is now Taurus rising. That is very different, but it makes sense in the Vedic system. My dominant dosha in Ayurvedic medicine is Kapha, and that correlates to Taurus. 

To figure out your lucky gemstone, wear the gemstone of the sign of your ascendant in the Vedic system. The gemstone of Taurus is emerald, so emeralds are my lucky gemstone.

I receive emails from people all over the world asking me what is their lucky stone. To determine this info for them, I look at the ruling planet of the ascendant in their Vedic birth chart. 




The Four Pillars are the Chinese zodiac are the animals and elements of your birth year, birth month, birth day, and birth hour.

My birth year is Wood Sheep, my birth month is Earth Rabbit, and my birth day is Wood Pig. Sheep correlates to the Western water sign Cancer, Rabbit to Pisces, and Pig to Scorpio (but Scorpio without the sting). So I have a grand Water trine in both astrological systems!

The 5 Taoist elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water differ from the Western 4 elements. I was born in 1955, the year of the Wood Sheep. Sheep year occurs every 12 years. 12 years after 1955 Wood Sheep year was 1967 Fire Sheep, then 1979 Earth Sheep, 1991 Metal Sheep, 2003 Water Sheep, then 2015 again the year of the Wood Sheep when I turned 60. 

Chinese Astrology Trines

I’m balanced if I stay true to the ways of the peaceful and gentle Sheep, the artistic Rabbit, and the kind generous Pig. I’m content reading Tarot cards in my peaceful home, casting horoscopes, being creative at feng shui consultations, quietly studying and writing, and living simply. I prefer working behind the scenes and being supportive of others, which is all in accord with the gentle ways of the Sheep.

I became a professional tarot reader and astrologer in 1986, a Fire Tiger year. I took this big career risk because in a Tiger year if it didn’t work out, I’d have good luck in the following Rabbit year to find another job. And in a Fire Tiger year, it would quickly work — or not work.

Due to my grand trine, every Hare, Sheep, and Pig years are fortunate. So at the end of Ox year 1985, I completed my last day job with an architectural firm in Berkeley CA. Over 30 years later, still I enjoy what I do, and find it interesting.



I’m the Water person who follows her intuition and does what feels right. But it’s not always easy for us humans to trust and following intuition.

What helps all the Water, and Sheep and Rabbit sensitivity, is my Mercury in Aquarius trines Neptune in Libra making an Air trine. (It’s not a grand trine because there’s not a third planet in Gemini.) And it is to the exact 27 degree. Mercury is exalted in Aquarius, the best sign for communication planet Mercury. This brings in the other side of the brain for ideas, writing, focus, and communication. 

Do the same in your birth chart; look for good luck and ease with your trines and your sextiles. These are the areas to cultivate, where your natural talents lie, and where you’ll find the most peaceful and rewarding path in life. Where you have squares or oppositions in your chart is where there’s work to be done, or consciousness to be raised. Every chart has a mix of both. Contact me to schedule your astrology charts consultation for birth charts, forecasts, or relationship compatability.

I remember back in the ’70’s doing charts by hand at the Astrologer’s Guild on Halsted Street in Chicago. Nowadays, in seconds you can have advanced astrological calculations. It’s easy to get your birth chart, so start learning! Start with my book TAOIST ASTROLOGY



Some animal years are more fortunate than others depending on your Taoist Four Pillars animal signs and elements. Clearly I have luck in Rabbit, Sheep, and Pig years.

A general guideline is to cultivate the specific qualities of each animal during that animal’s year. Strive to match the  energy of each year so you will have fewer problems and life can flow more easily.

So in a Rat year be smart, clever, focus on work, and invest your money.

In Ox year work hard, stay focused on what you started in Rat year, and don’t complain.

In Tiger year take risks, be brave, and pounce on new opportunities.

In Rabbit year be peaceful, diplomatic, and develop your artistic abilities.

Dragon year is a time for extremes, grand passions, and drastic successes — or failures.

Snake year is time to be wise, plan, contemplate, and not yet show your intentions.

In Horse year explore, travel, and be as free as you can.

In Sheep year cultivate spirituality, kindness, and gentleness.

In Monkey year pull off all kinds of wild and crazy schemes.

In Phoenix (Rooster) year being organized and structured leads to rebirth and transformation.

In Dog year be loyal, honest, and speak the truth.

During a Pig year be kind, open, and honest. Pigs enjoy a good time so Pig year is the time to eat, drink, and be merry.



2020 is a lunar leap year that has two Snake months. But in general, each month correlates to an animal sign.

February is Tiger month, March is Rabbit month, April is Dragon month, May is Snake month, June is Horse month, July is Sheep month, August is Monkey month, September is Phoenix (Rooster) month, October is Dog month, November is Pig month, December is Rat month, and January is Ox month.

Note that each lunar month does not start on the 5th day of the Gregorian calendar month. Animal months start on a new Moon because the Taoist calendar is a lunar calendar.

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