Aztec Day of Destiny

Aztec and Mayan astrology are far more developed than what I touch on in this article. The indigenous people of the the Americas predicted the arrival of Cortez in the year one reed in their calendar!

mag-sage-for-day-of-destinySAGE WOMAN

Celebrating the Goddess in Every Woman
Summer 1999, Issue 46, Page 61


Friday August 13th, 1999 marks the end of the fifth sun of the ancient Mexican Aztec solar calendar. The five ages of the Sun are the Sun of Jaguars Nahui Ocelotl, the Sun of Wind Nahui Ehecatl, the Sun of Rain Nahui Quiahuitl, the Sun of Water Nahui Atl, and the Sun of Movement Nahui Ollin.

Aztec arts and sciences, including astrology, were very highly developed. The Aztecs predicted the arrival of Spanish conquistador Hernando Cortez on March 12, 1519. Cortez arrived in the Mexican city now called Vera Cruz (Spanish for true cross).

August 13 is close to the lunar eclipse of August 11 which is a day of 8 of the 10 planets in fixed signs creating a grand fixed cross that activates all four elements: Aquarius (air), Scorpio (water), Leo (fire) and Taurus (earth). There is much tension, but also much possibility for change.

At this time, the planet Venus is retrograde and will no longer be visible as the Evening Star. She will reappear several weeks later as the Morning Star. Venus is an important planet in Aztec cosmology. She is associated with the plumed serpent God Quetzalcoatl. The near-extinct quetzal bird has a beautiful long plumed tail. Coatl is the Nahuatl word for serpent, which is sacred to the Aztecs just as the serpent is sacred to us witches.

According to NASA, there will also be intense solar storms on August 13. On this special day, return to nature. Be aware of your body. Definitely look for signs.

Now is the opportunity to create a new destiny. The old world is finished. A door opens to new possibilities.