Just Say No To Doom And Gloom Astrology

I wrote this article for astrologers to help people who fear astrology, or any type of divination, because they don’t want to hear bad news. Here is a way to empower others:

mag-mtn-astro-doom and gloomThe Mountain Astrologer
November 1992, Page 7


One of my astrology students, an astute Scorpio, called me because she was very upset. She was calculating a composite chart for a relationship and had read an astrology book with an extremely negative interpretation of composite Mars in the eighth house: “You will die together.”

“Is this true?” she demanded to know. “I’m afraid to get in the car with him.”

I answered that there are many interpretations for composite Mars in the eighth house. Obviously, there are issues of sex and money, but my interpretation was the strength and courage (Mars) to pursue spiritual or shamanic activities (eight house) together as a couple. “Now I feel much better,” sighed the student.

How well could I empathize with her feelings! She is not alone in her experience of negative, archaic, almost medieval information from outdated sources. A decade ago I read a Hindu astrology text that cursed anyone born after the full moon of a lunar cycle. Those born under the waxing (increasing) moon were the victors, but those born under the waning moon (decreasing in light) were hapless losers, condemned to sit it out until the next incarnation. Years later, working with astrologer Demetra George’s progressed moon material, I received positive tools for being born under a disseminating moon phase. I was no longer the lost sheep seeking the Bardo stare, but instead “fruits” of the lunar seed with much to share!

What so we do when we come across metaphysical information that damns us? I say discard the information. If a spiritual counselor predicts doom and gloom WITHOUT GIVING TOOLS ON HOW TO CONSCIOUSLY TRANSFORM THE JOURNEY, it is not valid.

One of the goals of oracular work – be it astrology, Tarot, rune stones, I-Ching, etc.- is to empower us to make decisions that aid in our growth and transformation. Life has moments that are sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet. Astrology reflects this in the natal horoscope; some planetary aspects are gifts, such as trines and sextiles, and some are more challenging, such as squares and oppositions. Many Tarot cards depict wonderful states of being, such as the Priestess card, the Star, or the Ace of Cups. Yet some Tarot archetypes are more difficult to experience, such as the Death card and the Tower. We need to be aware of both the bitter and the sweet. We are foolish to ignore our challenges. But if difficulties are presented with in a “You will die together” doom and gloom manner, we are left powerless, not empowered.

To heal from spiritual information that leaves us weakened, not strengthened, first of all, RESIST! I rejected the notion that a dark-moon phase person was a lost soul. My Scorpio student asked for another opinion. And perhaps other viewpoints lie not with another, but within. During a quiet walking meditation check with your guidance as to whether information is correct or whether there are other routes or interpretations. A negative hurtful experience need not be a stopping point. Instead it can be the opening to a new way of questioning, a door to further study to resolve our current dilemmas.

What a paradox! When oracles are consulted to aid with decisions, but what is revealed is disempowering information, a veil of confusion is cast over an already nebulous situation. It is our higher knowing that can pull us forward.