Summer Solstice

I wrote this article years ago, but the solar calendar info is still relevant.

mag-sage woman summer solsticeSUMMER SOLSTICE
Many Faces of the Goddess

Summer solstice:  This day marks the longest day and the beginning of summer. The powers of nature are at their peak. Tonight, bathe with midsummer herbs of lavender, chamomile, and vervain. Feast on fresh fruits and give thanks for the abundance of Mother Earth in her fullness. Let the fiery sun burn away all that is unwanted, all that is no longer useful.

The sun is a woman. Popular conception is that the sun is masculine (i.e. Ra and Apollo). But female sun goddesses are Bast, Sekmet, and Hathor (Egypt), Brigid and Etain (Ireland), Bila (Australia), Shamshu and Shapash (Arabia), Aditi (India), and Sul (English, worshipped at Silbury Hill). Sun Goddesses whose emergences from caves are part of their mystery are Omikami Amaterasu (Japan) and Paivatar (Finland). Sun goddesses who triumphed over adversity are Bila (Australia), Hae-Sun (Korea), Olwen (Wales), and Tach-I (Louisianan Tunica). Sun Goddesses who travel across the sky are Xatel-Ekwa (Hungary), Wuriupranili and Walo (Australia), Sunna (Scandinavia and Germany) and Saule (Lithuania and Latvia).

Shine on sun women!