The Earth Relationship Gua

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Everyone’s interested in love! Read this article, then apply the info to your home and workplace!

Feng Shui Journal

 Spring 1999, Vol. 5, No. 1, Pages 22 – 26


Feng shui master Professor Thomas Lin Yun brought to the West a feng shui method of applying the ba-gua map as an eight-sided map to rooms, buildings, and lots. Use of the ba-gua map has become popular because it is easy to understand and brings excellent results. “Ba” means eight in Chinese and “gua” means tri-gram. A tri-gram is a symbol made of three lines stacked on top of each other. A solid line represents yang masculine energy. A broken line represents yin feminine energy. The eight guas of the ba-gua map correspond to natural elements and life experiences.

It is in the balance of all eight guas that we find harmony and contentment. Each gua does not exist in isolation from the other guas. There is reciprocity between all areas of life experience. For example, the earth relationship gua is embellished if a marriage partner is desired. But it is also important to develop the mountain knowledge. If you know yourself you can create a strong relationship with another.

The earth relationship tri-gram is composed of three broken yin lines because earth is open and receptive – to rain, sun, and other natural forces. Earth represents the yin, receptive, nurturing, feminine principle. We, too, must be open and receptive to attract and sustain harmonious relationships.

To improve your love life, focus attention on the earth relationship guas in every room, especially the bedroom and living room. Also focus on the earth gua of the building and the earth gua of the lot. Improvements to this gua can create more fulfilling relationships, both romantic and platonic, and increase social activities. If this gua is incomplete or missing one may feel lonely or unloved. If this gua is larger to there is a projection, relationships will be fulfilling, and women will be more content.

To determine where the earth relationship gua is located, place the ba-gua map to align with the main entrance or most-used entry way. This main entrance is called the mouth of chi. The earth relationship gua is in your far right corner when entering a room. A building’s earth gua is the room in the far right corner away from the front door, in the back right corner of the entire building. On a lot, the earth gua is located in the right corner of the back yard. (If you using a compass, the earth gua location will be the southwest direction.)

It is important to embellish the earth relationship gua in the bedroom. Before that is addressed, make sure that your bed is placed against a solid wall with equal space on either side of the bed. This creates a balanced partnership. If your bed is against the corner wall, one partner will dominate in the relationship. The only exception is for small children who feel more secure if their bed is against the wall. But if parents sleep with a small child and keep their bed against the wall to offer the child a sense of protection, that may imbalance their relationship. A single parent who sleeps with their child in a bed against the wall blocks opportunities to attract a partner.

An oval or round mirror, fabric tapestry, or light-weight painting is safe when properly hung over the bed. Make sure that the imagery of your tapestry or painting is beautiful, peaceful, and inspiring, not abstract, chaotic, or red. Do not hang heavy objects or hanging plants over the bed. Definitely do not decorate the bedroom with any swords or hang a samurai sword over your bed. If you must decorate with swords, mount them in a sealed glass case in another room.

If a bathroom is attached to your bedroom, keep that bathroom door closed! Affix a large mirror on the outside of the bathroom door. (Oval shape is best.) This will reflect away the bathroom energy. Hang the mirror so that your head or feet are not cut off in the reflection. If you cannot hang a large mirror, at least hang a small mirror on the door at the height to reflect your face. If there is not a door between the bedroom and the bathroom, install a door or hang a beaded curtain or fabric to create a separation between the two rooms.

In the earth relationship gua is an excellent location for mirrors, especially round and oval shaped. This is the perfect gua for wedding pictures or pictures or your romantic partner. A pair of flowering plants, art depicting couples, objects in pairs such as two crystals, and the color pink are appropriate here. Very effective is to arrange objects which represent all five elements for total balance. For example, pair of candlesticks (fire), a ceramic sculpture of a couple embracing (earth), fresh flowers or healthy plant (wood), crystals or two metal vases (metal), and a mirror or a small fountain (water) represents all five Taoist elements.

Be sure to mix imagery of both genders if you are heterosexual and seek a partner. For example, many women have homes decorated with Goddess imagery, but seek male companions. In these instances, add one-third sacred male imagery. On two occasions I consulted with single women whose emotional issue was lack of partnership. The first thing seen upon entering, and all over their homes, where images of women alone. One woman had a painting in her earth relationship gua of a weeping woman at the beach looking out to sea. She replaced that image of longing with a photograph of a deer and a stag together in the woods since her animal totem is the deer.

A television is not recommended in the earth relationship gua. In this location, there is a tendency to watch too much television instead of interacting with others. The characters projected on the screen become virtual companions. A computer is not recommended in this gua, even if you think you can meet a partner on-line. Nor is this a good location for a pet area, which can result in your pet becoming your primary partner. A fireplace or heater is fine in the earth relationship gua because fire nurtures the element earth.

How does your bedroom feel? Make this room as magical and comforting as you possibly can. Use your creativity to transform your bedroom into a yin nurturing sacred space. Decorate with objects that have symbolic meaning for you. Use aromatherapy and scent to help you sleep well and remember your dreams.

It is also important to embellish the earth relationship gua in the living room. Be very conscientious about exactly what you place in the earth relationship gua of the living room. A European client had an African art collection located in her earth relationship gua. She dated only African-American men and her daughter was of mixed ancestry with an African-American father. My client told met that she wished to have relationships with many types of people, not just those of African heritage. I recommended that she put her exquisite art collection in either the lake children gua or in the thunder ancestor gua for her daughterâs benefit. Then she could place imagery from all over the world, not just Africa, in her earth relationship gua.

Be aware that the earth relationship gua is also located in your building and your lot. It is ideal to have the earth relationship gua of the home be where the master bedroom is located. A bathroom located in the earth relationship gua of the home is not favorable. In this instance, decorate the bathroom in pink tones and place a plant potted in a pink or red container on the toilet. If forlorn about lack of love over a long period of time, move.

Look in the back yard to see what is located in the far right corner, in the earth relationship gua of the lot. Pink flowering plants, fast-growing bamboo, sturdy upright pines, or a beautiful fishpond create positive change. Obviously, open garbage cans or gravel in this area offer nothing. One client complained about lack of love. In the far left corner of his yard was where his dogs would go when he was too tired to walk them. He laughed when he realized what he had done.

Re-examine with new eyes the earth relationship guas of your rooms, building, and lot. You might be surprised by what your find!