The Year of the Dragon

I blog about current Dragon info on this web site. But here is Dragon year info from 2000 the Year of the Metal Dragon.

mag-sage-woman-year-of-dragonSage Woman

Celebrating the Goddess in Every Woman
Winter 1999 – 2000, Issue #48
Pages 59 and 60


Mighty Dragon flies down from Heaven on the second new moon after winter solstice on February 5, 2000. Prepare for an exciting, magnificent, but perhaps overwhelming year. Transformation marks the beginning of the year of the Dragon. 2000 will be time of power, passion, drive, ambition, and daring. Life feels as if all events are magnified tenfold. Dragon year is an excellent time to take incredible risks, start a business, marry, or have children. But unrealistic dreams and fantasies will crash. On a global level expect dramatic changes such as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, and tidal waves.

In the West, the dragon symbolized a hideous beast that represented the worst moral qualities. In Asian cultures, Dragon was not a demonic creature. Instead, it was the most sacred mystical animal throughout thousands of years of Chinese history, and associated with imperial majesty. Dragon had magnanimous and spiritual qualities, and symbolized royalty, prosperity, and wisdom. Dragon has magical attributes and can change shape and transform into any type of creature. Benevolent Dragon is a protector of temples and monasteries.

Dragon year occurs every twelve years: 1904, 1916, 1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, and 2000. Those born in Dragon year are blessed by Heaven chi. Their life experiences are very intense because Dragon wears the horns of destiny. There are no casual friendships for a Dragon. Every interaction is a continuation of heavy past life karma that must be resolved immediately. Therefore, these brave Dragons have karma to lead and succeed. They are not afraid to take charge and are independent thinkers who love freedom and are adamant believers in equal rights. Some men find Dragon women intimidating because they have powerful personalities and possess abilities that can suppress male peers. Dragons love adventure and want to make a huge impact on the world. But their idealism must be combined with concrete action to make their dreams a reality. All born in Dragon year can expect outstanding good fortune in their Dragon year. Fate for the other Taoist animal signs is as follows: (If you don’t know your sign, see the Taoist Astrology section of this web site.)

RAT: Expect achievement, success, and good fortune in all endeavors, especially relationships, career, and marriage. Dragon is Rat’s best friend; so powerful Dragon energy will assist Rat. OX: Fireworks may go off around you but avoid the dramatic festivities. Ox must work hard and be very focused, dedicated, patient, and reliable. Rewards come at the end of the year.

TIGER: Dragon’s dynamic energy will stimulate Tiger and bring excitement and diverse activities. Tiger does best to compromise should difficult situations arise. Avoid power struggles.

HARE: Expect much activity and movement, which can be to Hare’s benefit if s/he is motivated and maintains an optimistic attitude. New friends and acquaintances can prove beneficial. If too overextended, retreat and rest at home.

DRAGON: Expect great accomplishments on a grand scale because Dragons benefit greatly from the energy of their own year. Recognition is foreseen, much progress occurs in business, and exciting social activities create much happiness for lucky Dragon.

SERPENT: Expect excitement and much activity. It is best if Serpent retreats occasionally from all the energy to quietly ponder and meditate. In this way, Serpent retains power in the eye of the storm and ends the year with a full harvest.

HORSE: Expect extremes of highs and lows under Dragon’s stormy influence. Horse may feel unsettled and start to worry, which is not a common Horse response. Horse benefits by enjoying the company of family and friends and by not cultivating a fearful or pessimistic attitude.

SHEEP: Expect a time of stimulation and excitement. Under Dragon’s glorious influence, Sheep can find happiness, success, and romance. But care must be taken with finances since Sheep “eat paper”, and excessive festivity can lead to illness.

MONKEY: Fun, excitement, merriment, and success create one of the best years for Monkey. Projects that have been in the works now can come to fruition. But entertainment can be costly, so Monkey should practice some financial restraint.

PHOENIX (ROOSTER): Expect one of the best years now that Hare year is over. The spotlight shines on Phoenix, success is guaranteed, rewards are bestowed, and good luck is foreseen. An excellent year for marriage.

DOG: Draconic dramatics and intense emphasis on financial gain is uninteresting to altruistic Dog. It is best to keep quiet and act cautiously. Dragon is opposite Dog, which can cause tension. A year to take of yourself.

BOAR (Pig): Expect a fine year with lively social times, much feasting, and celebration. Success is foreseen at work, and Boar enjoys recognition and the respect from others.