The Year of the Serpent

mag-sage year of the serpent

Now I blog about current Snake info, but here is an article from Metal Snake year 2001.

Sage Woman

Celebrating the Goddess in Every Woman
Winter 2000 – 2001, Issue #52, Pages 55 – 57


Asian New Year begins on the Second New Moon after Winter Solstice. In 2001 that date is Wednesday, January 24 at 5:07 a.m. PST. Wise Serpent slowly crawls on her belly to begin her magical and mystical year. In Asian cultures, Serpent is not associated with cold-blooded evil. Instead, Serpent is respected for her wisdom and feminine yin energy.

The Chinese serpent goddess Nu Kua formed the first people from yellow clay from the banks of the Yellow River. This creation myth is one of many Taoist tales starring shamanic Serpent. The Serpent is associated with goddesses and heroines who assist women in childbirth and bless children with remarkable talents.

A Chinese classic tale tells of a thousand-year-old Serpent who transformed herself into a beautiful woman. Through her charms, she married a scholar, and her life was happy and content. But a Taoist monk pursued her because he knew that she was not human. The monk was an expert at capturing shape-shifting animals who falsely assumed human form. Wise Serpent outwitted him many times before he finally exposed her dual lives.

This Serpent year will be a time of introspection, planning, and seeking answers. This is the cycle to shed your skin, transform unconscious behavior, and transform to our highest essence. Meditation and contemplation will be rewarded. People will ponder and think before they act. Good taste and elegance will prevail in fashion, theater, film, and all the arts. Serpent wisdom influences contributions in the sciences through new technological inventions and discoveries. But this is not an auspicious year for gambling, investing, or taking any financial risks because the calamities of the previous Dragon year can continue into Serpent year. Expect political extremes, scandals, and the exposing of secrets.