January 2018 Astrology Update

Jan 16 – Feb 15 2018 is WATER   OX MONTH

January 16 2018 is a new Moon in CAPRICORN. This new Moon, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, and Pluto are all in Earth sign Capricorn. Time to focus on earthly matters such as your profession, health, and parents or family. Under the influence of pragmatic, realistic Capricorn, this lunar month is good for long-range planning, and practical problem solving.

The new Moon, Sun, and Venus square Uranus, so not the best time for bold action or rebellion. Contact me for your 2018 astrology forecast to support you in planning ahead for life events. Luck is strongest for Earth signs Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo and those born in Ox, Rat, Snake, and Phoenix (Rooster) years.



The Jan 16 new Moon begins the month of the Water Ox. The natural strength and endurance of the Ox goes well with the flow of Water. Slow and steady progress during this Ox month is made smoother by the element Water to more easily move through obstacles. 

This is the final month of the Chinese lunar year. The next new Moon begins the year of the Earth Dog on February 15 at 1:05 pm PST. This is also a solar eclipse that begins the month of the Tiger. Fortunately, Tiger and Dog are very compatible.



Jan 31 is a full super Moon total eclipse, and peak of Ox month. This is the 2nd full Moon in January, making this a blue Moon. This blue full Moon is a super Moon, meaning it will appear larger and brighter than usual in the night sky.

This full Moon is in Fire sign Leo, ruler of the 5th house of creativity and children. Time to discover your hidden talents! This full Moon is opposite the Sun conjunct Venus in Aquarius. And Venus squares Jupiter. This is great for creative expression, but also great for living large and overspending.

Both Saturn and Neptune are unaspected so people can be unclear about their actions and objectives. But Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto all in Capricorn can help keep work grounded. As does the influence of the Ox. 



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A blue Moon occurs when there are two full Moons during one month of the Gregorian calendar.

January 1 and 31 are both full Moons, making the January 31 Moon a blue Moon.
March 1 and 31 are both full Moons, making the March 31 Moon a blue Moon.



solar eclipse occurs on a new Moon when the Moon passes between the Sun and Earth. The Moon’s shadow falls on the Sun, creating a solar eclipse. 

lunar eclipse occurs on a full Moon when the Earth, Sun and Moon align in space, with Earth between the Sun and Moon. Earth’s shadow falls on the full Moon, creating a lunar eclipse.

January 31 Full blue super Moon total lunar eclipse in Leo and peak of Water Ox month.

February 15 New Moon partial solar eclipse in Aquarius starts Wood Tiger month, and year of the Earth Dog.

July 12 New Moon partial solar eclipse in Cancer starts Earth Sheep month.

July 27 Full Moon total lunar eclipse in Aquarius and peak of Earth Sheep month.

August 11 New Moon partial solar eclipse in Leo starts Metal Monkey month.



Traditionally in astrology, Mercury retrograde is a time of miscommunication, technology problems, and items lost or misplaced. But in Earth Dog year, Mercury retrograde can be a time to follow through,keep your word, and complete projects.

Communication planet Mercury is retrograde for three weeks.

March 22 – April 15 in Aries 
Mercury retrograde in Fire sign Aries for strong communication and taking immediate action. Fire brings energy to complete projects, but impulsive or snap decisions can be corrected at a later time. We feel the Mercury retrograde influence until the new Moon on April 15, the exact day Mercury goes direct, that begins a new lunar cycle and the month of the Fire Dragon

July 25 – August 18 in Leo
Mercury retrograde in Fire sign Leo when communication is direct, and you can cover much ground. But watch out if people become bossy or demanding. If there are ego disputes, wait out the Mercury retrograde cycle. We still feel the Mercury retrograde influence until the new Moon on September 9 that begins a new lunar cycle and Metal Phoenix (Rooster) month. .

November 16 – December 6 in Sagittarius and Scorpio
Mercury retrograde in Fire sign Sagittarius November 16 – 30 to move quickly and complete tasks. Time to separate truth from fiction. Use caution to not speak so directly that conflict is created and viewpoints are polarized.
Mercury retrograde in Water sign Scorpio December 1 – 6 when emotions come to the surface, with new intimacy in relationships. Under the influence of Scorpio, secrets can be revealed. We feel the Mercury retrograde influence until the new Moon on December 6, the exact day Mercury goes direct, that begins a new lunar cycle and Wood Rat month. 


2018 LUNAR MONTHS in Earth Dog Year

New Moon in Capricorn January 16 2018 starts Water Ox month.

New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE in Aquarius February 15 2018 starts Wood Tiger month and year of the Earth Dog.

New Moon in Pisces March 17 starts Wood Rabbit month.

New Moon in Aries April 15 starts Fire Dragon month.

New Moon in Taurus May 15 starts Fire Snake month.

New Moon in Gemini June 15 starts Earth Horse month.

New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE in Cancer July 12 starts Earth Sheep month.

New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE in Leo Aug 11 starts Metal Monkey month.

New Moon in Virgo September 9 starts Metal Phoenix (Rooster) month.

New Moon in Libra October 8 starts Water Dog month. Dog month in Dog year.

New Moon in Scorpio November 7 starts Water Pig month.

New Moon in Sagittarius December 6 starts Wood Rat month.

New Moon SOLAR ECLIPSE in Capricorn January 5 2019 starts Wood Ox month.

New Moon in Aquarius February 4 2019 starts Fire Tiger month and year of the Earth Pig.


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